Monday, July 21, 2014

Obama On Ukraine - More Yada, Yada, Yada

Weakling Socialist President Pinocchio Obama should have just slept in rather than come out and make another feckless statement on the Russian Aggression in the Ukraine.  It was just more Yada, Yada, Yada and no actions designed to deter Russian Aggression against the Ukraine.  It is important for all to recognize that when the Ukraine gave up the nuclear weapons that were based on their territory, Russia signed a non-aggression pact guaranteeing Ukraine their national sovereignty.  So much for that worthless piece of paper that went up in smoke when Russian Dictator Vladamir Putin took control of the Crimea and now has Russians running the war in the Ukraine. 

In the mean time, Obama does nothing to prevent Putin from pursing his goal to recreate a greater Russia that includes the former surrounding Soviet states some of which are now part of NATO.  What Obama does not seem to understand is that Russian Dictators, be they Communists or Czars have pursued a Greater Russia for centuries.  If Obama had learned the lessons of history and economics when he was smoking dope at university, perhaps he would know that this is an old story.  It was Putin who said the worse day in Russian history was when the old Soviet Union fell apart.  Since Putin was head of the old KGB Secret Police in the Soviet Union, he longs for the good old days at the expense of freedom in surrounding countries.  

Just implementing minimal sanctions that prevent Russian Vodka, Caviar and Marushka Dolls, about the only things, other than oil and gas that come from Russia that have any value, from entering the United States will not deter Putin from pursing his expansionist goals.   Ronald Reagan called the old Soviet Union, the "evil empire" much to the chagrin and criticism of Socialists in Western countries at the time; but Reagan new evil when he saw it.  What we are seeing once again with Putin is evil and if nothing else Obama needs to properly call a spade a spade, instead of using weak, meaningless diplomatic speak. 

But Obama also needs to do more to deter Putin's aggression.  Since European countries are held hostage by their need for natural gas from Russia, as was once predicted would be the case, by the Iron Lady Margaret Thacher of Britain when those deals came down, Obama needs to act and soon because the Europeans won't.  While we don't need to send troops to Ukraine, they should be given the weapons they need to to defend their nation.  Obama needs to immediately authorize a missile defense system and ring around Russia in Poland, the Czech Republic and maybe even the Baltic States that he unilaterally ended when he became President without getting anything in return from the Russians.

Finally, we need to bolster the military of all NATO countries, in particular; but perhaps others surrounding Russia by giving, or selling them advanced defensive weapons, aircraft and tanks to deter Russian Aggression.  It is very clear that a policy of containment concerning Russia is as warranted today as it was when the old Soviet Union existed.  Russian Dictators only understand Peace Through Strength.  Look to history for our model.  Weakness never buys peace and always results in eventual war.  Obama needs to practice his Chicago politics overseas.  If the other guy brings out a knife, we better bring out a bigger gun.            

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