Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Thousands Of Illegal Alien Children Being Released Throughout the US

Rather than being deported, thousands of unaccompanied illegal alien children, that have recently crossed our border, are being released into cities all over the United States.  Supposedly, illegal aliens arrested at the border are given a summons to appear at some future date; but of course they never show up only to vanish into our country.   Most important, many of these children are suffering from serious illnesses like tuberculosis, which is highly contagious.   This is about as dumb and crazy as it gets.   

Since Mexico is the transit point both for illegal aliens coming from Mexico and all of Latin America, we should have buses waiting at the border.  Illegal Aliens that come across our border should be loaded on those buses immediately upon capture and driven to Mexico City to allow the Mexican government to deal with these people.   It is about time for Mexico to take some responsibility for the mess they are creating in our country. 

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama refuses to secure our border.   The reality is that the border between the United States and Mexico has collapsed.  This is a humanitarian crisis of Obama's making because these people know that once they get to the United States, they will be permitted to join the other 12 million Illegal Aliens already in our country.   This has to stop.  Obama should position the National Guard, or the Regular Army at our border.  If the Mexicans will not act, we should send those troops a few miles into Mexico to stop this invasion.  What other choice do we have.   The United States is dealing with an INVASION and yet Obama does nothing to stop it.  Ridiculous!!!. 

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