Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Obama & The Chaos At Our Border

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama has caused the humanitarian crisis and chaos at our border by implementing Executive Orders that encourage parents in Mexico and Central America to pay money to smugglers to get their children on American soil.  These people know that once their kids get to America they will more than likely be allowed to stay as long as Obama is President.  Obama is now asking Congress to approve $3.7 Billion to deal with the thousands of unaccompanied illegal alien children coming across our border.  Instead, Obama should be asking for a few million dollars to put these kids on air conditioned buses to take all them back to the countries they came from in Mexico and Central America.  

To be clear, these children are not "refugees" as claimed by some Socialists and the left wing lame stream media.   They are illegal aliens sent here by their parents to establish residency in the United States.  Once here, they will end up on our streets as is already happening.  Many of these kids have serious illnesses and even contagious diseases.  The people of Murrieta, California were absolutely right to protest to stop these illegal alien children from coming to their city.   The United States is broke.   We cannot continue taking on the poor from all over the world requiring American taxpayer support.   We don't even have enough jobs for Americans; yet alone more illegal aliens entering our country requiring public support. 

While many illegal aliens are hard working and work for low wages, they also end up in our public schools, hospitals and jails at taxpayer expense.   Any money illegal aliens pay in primarily sales taxes do not come anywhere near paying for the cost of all the services they use once they come to our country.   Many of them end up on various Welfare programs, one way or another.  Our border with Mexico has collapsed.  Obama has made a real mess of everything he touches.   Obama is responsible for the chaos on our border.  The last thing Congress should approve is the money that would allow these illegal alien children to stay in the United States.   These kids must be sent back to the countries they came from and soon. 

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