Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Socialists Need Victims To Win Elections

President Pinocchio Obama and his Socialist pals in government need to deflect attention from ObamaCare, a lousy economy and Obama's incompetent foreign policy for the upcoming election in 2014.   To do so, they will now check off all the "victims" they need to win elections.   Socialist will proclaim that the poor are poor because the rich are rich.   Of course, this is baloney.   The able bodied poor are poor because of some combination of factors, which usually include low IQ, illegitimate children, lack of education and job skills, little motivation to succeed, inability to deal with delayed gratification and or drug, or alcohol addiction. Further, why should anyone with some, or all of these issues work hard anyway when they can get free or subsidized housing, medical care, Food Stamps and Welfare.  There is no reason for these people to rise above their circumstances when they can be on the dole.  In addition, Socialists have the able bodied poor right where they want them believing they are "victims" that have no responsibility for their plight, or actions so that only big government can be their savior.

Next, women are told by Socialists that they are intentionally paid less than men, when in fact, if there is a slight disparity and it is only slight, it is often because women stay home to have children and be caregivers, which can cause them to fall behind their male counterparts.  This has nothing to do with discrimination.  Women are also told that Republicans want to deny them their contraceptives, which is absurd.  The vast majority of  Americans do believe that abortion right up until birth is a heinous crime against humanity; but that is portrayed by left wing, radical feminists and Socialists as denying women their abortion rights.   Again, this is ridiculous. 

Gays and other minorities are told that their very lives are at stake in America if they don't vote for Socialists.  Really!   Remember, it was Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican President, that freed the slaves and enacted the Constitutional Amendments guaranteeing them their rights.  And, the Civil Rights Act, enacted when Lyndon Johnson was President, would not have been the law of the land without Republican votes.  Finally, Gays, on average, make more money that the typical American because they are better educated; so much for discrimination against Gays.  It is all baloney to win votes to allow Socialists to stay in power feeding at the trough. 

And, then there is the Socialist notion that Republicans and Conservatives support dirty air and water, as though we live on another planet so we would not be impacted by such pollution.  Again ridiculous; but it plays well with radical Environmental Wackos.  Really!   Remember, it was President Richard Nixon that signed the law creating the Environmental Protection Agency, which has turned into the EPA Gestapo.

Finally, Socialists often tell students that they should not have to pay back their student loans, rather than telling them to get a job and work their way through school to avoid those loans and staggering debt.  Socialists always claim that kids in public schools are suffering because the American people don't spend enough money to satisfy teacher unions.   Really!.   We spend more money on public education than any other industrialized country; yet student achievement is not as good as in countries that spend far less.   And, it is the Socialists and their teacher union supporters that fight School Vouchers, Charter Schools, Merit Pay for Teachers and Ending Teacher Tenure, all of which would improve education for poor kids. 

We will see the Socialist victim train rolled out once again in the next few months.  It is really getting old.   What is really ridiculous is that Congressman Paul Ryan just proposed a budget that would grow by 3.5% over the next 10 years, in order to balance the federal budget, rather than 5.2%, which has provoked Socialist horror as they argue for all the "victims" whose lives will end if we don't continue to borrow, raise taxes and spend even more.   It is same old, same old Socialist Propaganda.  Hopefully, this time around, the majority of voters will be smarter and see through all the Socialist lies.   We don't call him President Pinocchio Obama for nothing.            

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