Friday, April 18, 2014

Senator Dirty Harry Reid Suffers From Foot In Mouth Disease

Instead of trying to diffuse the situation with rancher Cliven Bundy in Southern Nevada, that could have turned violent, Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid is throwing gasoline on the fire.  Reid, who often suffers from foot in mouth disease, recently said that the hundreds of Americans that came from all over to protest the federal government's gestapo tactics used against Bundy, are themselves "domestic terrorists".   The last time I checked the Bill of Rights, these people were just exercising their freedoms under the First, Second and Fourth Amendments to the US Constitution. 

Let's get real, shall we.   The Reid family has financial interests in this public land.   Dirty Harry and his Environmental Wacko friends have already driven 52 ranchers in the area out of business.   Bundy is the last man standing.  Dirty Harry and his son Rory, an attorney, were involved in a deal with Chinese investors to build a solar plant someplace else in Nevada; but to do it, they needed land to "mitigate" the damage that would be caused on that land.  It is very common to trade parcel for parcel related to what is called "mitigation" for environmental purposes.  What Dirty Harry has apparently done for years is use this public land, denied to ranchers, to allow his Developer supporters to build on their land.  One way or another, there is payola involved. 

Dirty Harry Reid has been involved in shady real estate deals in Nevada for years as one basis for his family wealth.   Dirty Harry is one of the THE most corrupt members of Congress.  As a result, Reid and his family members are millionaires.  Recently, he was caught using campaign money to buy expensive jewelry for his granddaughter.   That $30,000 "mistake" was peanuts compared to some of the other Reid family shenanigans.   In the last campaign for Senate, Dirty Harry sent out his worthless book to those who had donated to Sharon Angle's campaign.  You can bet that his campaign paid Reid retail for that book as a legal way to funnel money from the campaign to Reid's pocket.   Look, Dirty Harry lives at the Ritz Carlson in Washington DC.   It is impossible to do that on $174,000 a year. 

Senator Dirty Harry Reid is fast becoming an embarrassment to the Socialist Party.  Whatever happens in the 2014 elections, the Socialists would be wise to remove Dirty Harry from Senate Socialist Leadership.   Having a crook like Harry Reid as the face of the Socialist Party in Congress is giving them a big black eye. 

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