Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Obama's Weakness & Appeasement

We are seeing history repeated in Europe.   The British and the French allowed Adolf Hitler to annex parts of Czechoslovakia, when the dictator argued that this area was inhabited by Germans. Neville Chamberlain claimed that this appeasement would lead to "peace in our time".   We know the horrible end to this story that resulted in World War II and the death of millions of people around the world.   Now, we see quasi Russian Dictator Vladamir Putin arguing the same thing related to annexation of Russian speaking Eastern Ukraine and the Crimea.   It is 1939 all over again. 

This is all happening because Putin sees Socialist President Pinocchio Obama as weak and ineffective and Putin is right.   Obama will not even send non-lethal aide to the Ukraine.  Nor will Obama send the Ukrainians the military equipment they need to defend themselves from the likely Russian invasion of their country that is coming.  It is so sad to see appeasement once again happening in Europe because many will die as a result of Obama's weakness and incompetence.

The people of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Moldavia, Georgia, Finland and even Poland have reason to fear Russia given their sad histories at the hands of the Russians.  Some of these countries are members of NATO, but so what.  It appears that Obama and the Western Europeans will not do what is necessary to protect them from the Russian Bear and Putin knows it. 

The day Obama cancelled the missile defense systems, that were supposed to go into Poland and the Czech Republic, without getting anything in return from the Russians, Putin knew he would have a free hand to do whatever he wanted in Eastern Europe.   Obama is not just incompetent, he is naive and uneducated when it comes to foreign policy.   The Russian Bear is still a Bear whether he is draped in the hammer and sickle, or Russia's Red, White and Blue flag.   Those who fail to learn from history are destined to see it repeated.   Here we go again.   

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