Sunday, April 6, 2014

New Polls Favor Republicans In 2014 Elections

The latest polls indicate that probable voters favor Republicans in the upcoming election in 2014 to gain complete control of Congress.  Of course, anything can happen between now and next November, but it should be no surprise.  President Pinocchio Obama has been the worst President since Jimmy Carter.  ObamaCare, a completely Socialist monstrosity, is hurting 80% of the American people that are now paying higher medical insurance premiums and more for health care as a result of this failed big government, Socialist Scheme.   The economy stinks.   While unemployment has come down, it is because millions of Americans have just dropped out of the workforce entirely as we face the lowest labor participation rate, at about 63%, in three decades.   

Senior citizens are not only seeing cuts in Medicare as a result of ObamaCare, they are earning little on their savings as a result of Federal Reserve policies.  50% of college graduates, either can't find jobs, or they are waiting on tables as part of the under employed, often working part time.  The Middle Class is earning less today, in real terms, than when Obama took office.  The number of people on Food Stamps and Welfare has increased by about 20 million people as nearly 50 million people are now on the dole as a result of Obama's failed economic policies, higher taxes and more regulations.   Obama has been a job killer. 

Our foreign policy is a mess as Obama attempts to lead from behind, while turning the United States into a second rate power.  There is chaos all across the Middle East.   Israeli Palestinian talks are about to fall apart.  The situation is so bad that Secretary of State John Kerry is offering to release Jonathan Pollard, the spy given a life sentence for spying for Israel, just to keep the Israeli's at the table.   Russians are on the march in the Ukraine.   The Chinese have increased their military budget to threaten Japan and other countries in Asia Pacific.  Iran is that much closer to developing nuclear weapons.  North Korea continues to threaten South Korea. 

Obama's IRS, EPA, NSA, Homeland Security and Health and Human Services Gestapos are a threat to the freedom of the American people as bad as any foreign enemy we have ever faced.  Obamanistas are intruding into every aspect of daily life like never before, including spying on all Americans.    

Socialists are running scared because mid year elections are usually a referendum on the President, whoever is in office.  Since Socialist President Pinocchio Obama's favorable rating is nearly as low as Richard Nixon's when he was forced from office by the left wing media, it is likely that the Socialists will take a beating at the polls in 2014.  There is better than a 50/50 chance that Republicans will gain complete control of Congress ending Obama's legislative agenda.  Of course, this will make Obama even more dangerous with regard to unconstitutional Executive Orders that must be challenged by Congress and in court.  If Republicans do gain control of Congress, they will have to use the power of the purse to hold Obama in check.  There will be no other way.   

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