Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Senator Dirty Harry Reid - Not Over For The Bundy Family

Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada announced that the war against the Bundy family, ranchers in Southern Nevada, is "Not Over".   That should be no surprise to anyone because Dirty Harry and his Environmental Wacko supporters have driven 52 other ranchers in Southern Nevada out of business.  The Bundy's are just the last rancher's standing.  Of course, the BLM actions, sending in about 300 armed soldiers, including snipers, demonstrated the power of an unrestrained federal government just seven months before elections.  It was a public relations nightmare for Dirty Harry, which is the reason he ended the siege.  Dirty Harry knew it would not play well in many states in play for Senate seats if there was blood on his hands in his own backyard. 

The Socialists won't make that mistake again.  Though they may arrest Bundy, what they will probably do instead is use the courts and legal system to bankrupt his family.   One way or another, Dirty Harry is determined to get his hands on that public land the Bundy's are using to graze their cattle.   The story goes that in the deal with the Chinese that Dirty Harry and his son Rory, a lawyer in Las Vegas, were trying to put together, the land Bundy is using was to be traded to mitigate the damage caused by the Solar Plant on the land a few hundred miles away that Dirty Harry was pitching for the Solar Plant, no doubt owned by one of his developer friends.  That deal did not come together for now; but you can bet there is money to be made for the Reid family, so it is probably not dead. 

The Bundy's need to set up a Legal Defense Fund because they are going to need money to fight Dirty Harry Reid.   We don't call him Dirty Harry Reid for nothing in Nevada.  This fight is surely not over. 

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