Sunday, April 13, 2014

Socialists & Establishment Republicans Hate The Tea Party

Everybody knows that Socialists hate the Tea Party.  That is no surprise.  The big news is that Establishment Republicans hate the Tea Party too.  What both Socialists and Establishment Republicans have in common is that they have all been feeding at the trough for years and none of them want the gravy train to end.  Further, they are all big spenders, adding to our National Debt, moving our country toward bankruptcy, with no end in sight.  The only difference between the Socialists and Establishment Republicans is that Socialists will bankrupt our country sooner. 

Tea Party Members typically support an end to deficit spending, a balanced budget, limited Constitutional government, lower taxes, less regulations and Term Limits for members of Congress.   This is hardly a radical or "extremist" agenda, just common sense.  While Establishment Republicans pay lip service to some of these things, when push comes to shove, they vote with the Socialists, that oppose all of these things.   

There is a war brewing in the Republican Party, both at the state and national levels, between RINO Establishment Republicans that support the borrow, tax and spend status quo and real Conservatives that are often Tea Party Members that want it to stop.   Establishment Republicans are out to discredit and destroy the Tea Party.   But, what they obviously do not realize is that in trying to do so, they would be destroying themselves, since they cannot win elections without the Conservative base of the Republican Party.   Further, if the Conservatives are pushed aside and we go bye bye, it will be to form a new party, which will mean the end of the Establishment Republican Party. 

So Establishment Republicans better get with the program and pretty quick.   If they don't, we Conservatives will sit on our hands and our checkbooks and begin to go elsewhere.  Most important, Conservatives that are mad as hell will vote for NONE OF THE ABOVE, one way or another, which ultimately will mean the end of the Republican Party.  If Establishment Republicans are too stupid to see the writing on the wall, they deserve to be thrown out of office.    

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