Friday, April 25, 2014

Chicago - Murder Capital Of The US

The city of Chicago, in the state of Illinois, among the bluest of Socialist cities and states in America, is sadly the murder capital of the US.   This is happening in spite of some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.   Clearly, the police in Chicago have lost control of their city streets, most likely out of the need to be politically correct, rather than cracking down on gangs and drug dealers that are responsible for all the murders, primarily in the Black community.   This is mostly Black on Black crime. 

Naturally, those the make their money off the poverty industry argue for spending more tax payer money on public schools and government programs even though trillions of dollars have already be spent, since the Great Society in 1965, to no positive effect.  Matter fact, the poverty rate is higher today than three decades ago when Jimmy Carter was President.  No, more money is not the answer.   The Governor of Illinois may need to send the National Guard into the inner city in Chicago, if the police can't or won't do the job.  What other real alternative is there to stop the murders.  

And, now Socialists in broke Illinois are want to spend $100 million in state tax money to finance the Pinocchio Obama Presidential Library in the inner city of Chicago.  This Blogger agrees that Pinocchio's library should go right into the inner city of Chicago to bring some economic stimulus and jobs to the area; but like all Presidential libraries, it should be financed with private funds, not taxpayer money.  Surely, Obama's Hollywood friends and other rich Socialists can come up with the money to build a Taj Mahal in honor of Obama, without forcing taxpayers, even if they are his PEEP's in Illinois, to honor one of the worst Presidents in American history.  

Like in other Presidential libraries, the Obama's should be buried there too in the middle of the worst part of Chicago as a tribute to Obama's failed Presidency.  Keep in mind, before you call me a racist, all other recognized terrible Presidents, including several in the 1800's, Harding, Hoover and Carter were White, so Obama's skin color has nothing to do with his incompetence. 

In the mean time, the murders in Chicago will continue because Socialists in control simply will not do what is necessary to end the crime in that city.   Beware America, this is what Liar Attorney General Eric Holder and various other Obamanistas are trying to bring to a neighborhood street near you through lax enforcement of the law.

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