Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dirty Harry Reid Ends Siege In Nevada

The Federal Gestapo from the Bureau of Land Management pulled back from attacking Cliven Bundy and his family and seizing their cattle.  The Bundy family have been ranching their land and this open public land, about 80 miles North of Las Vegas, since 1877.   This happened because WE THE PEOPLE, in this case more than a 1,000 strong, stood up and said NO MORE and ENOUGH to federal government tyrants attempting to control all aspects of daily life.  The reality is that the Federal Gestapo was outgunned, which raised the potential for violence, the last thing Obamanistas wanted to see happen 7 months before elections in 2014.  Further, this was just another example of big government incompetence.  The fact is that BLM did not have the assets in place to round up several hundred head of cattle and store them someplace. 

However, what occurred is just the surface of this story.   You can bet that it was Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada that ended this siege with a phone call to the White House.  Reid is such a crook that he is known as "Clean Face" by the Nevada mob.  Better they should call Reid Dirty Face.  Nothing big happens in Nevada that does not have Boss Reid's dirty finger prints all over it.   It has been reported that Reid wants this land for mitigation purposes to accomodate a solar plant located someplace else that will no doubt be owned by his crony supporters.  This deal originally involved his son Rory and Chinese investors.   This should be no surprise.  It was also reported that Reid had some land boundaries moved to take protection of the desert tortoise off the land of one of his developer friends.  The Bundy family is the last remaining rancher in this area.  Reid and his Environmental Wacko pals have driven 50 or more ranchers in the area out of business to benefit Reid's supporters. 

But for now, the last thing Dirty Harry wanted was a bloody siege that further demonstrates the evils of a big federal government, out of control, just seven months before the election.  Connect the dots.   Most Americans are upset about ObamaCare, NSA spying, IRS Dirty Tricks and the Gestapo tactics of the EPA, Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, the Department of Education and now the Bureau of Land Management.   Many of these agencies have para military units focused on the American people.    We just saw one in action as the BLM sent in about 300 heavily armed soldiers, including snipers, to take down the Bundy family. 

There are at least 10 Senate seats now in play many of them held by Socialists.   If Republicans win just six of them, currently held by Socialists; but all in Red States, that were carried by McCain and Romney, it is bye bye time for Socialist Senate Majority Leader Dirty Harry Reid.  That would mean the end of the gravy train that has made Reid, who is a big crook and his family millionaires.   So for now, you can bet that Reid asked Obama to lay off the Bundy family.   However, these Socialists will be back after the election in 2014.  The Federal Gestapo in Nevada, run by Reid is out to destroy the Bundy family and put them in bankruptcy.   We have seen this story many times.   Those of us that live in Nevada don't call him Dirty Harry for nothing. 

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