Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Colorado - Land Of Potheads & Drug Abuse In America

Colorado has legalized marijuana and we are already starting to see the result in deaths and emergency room cases.   Though Potheads are not supposed to be able to smoke marijuana in public, that aspect of the law is being ignored.  Further, marijuana is now going into edible foods, like cookies, that have been ingested by small children resulting in an upsurge in emergency room care.   Finally, one teenager, who overdosed on cookies, recently jumped over a high rise building balcony to his death.  Anyone visiting Colorado, should beware because there is likely to be an intoxicated Pothead behind the wheel of the car next to you. 

This is all happening as Socialist President Pinocchio Obama and his Liar Attorney General Eric Holder are preparing to issue clemency to an estimated 23,000 non-violent drug offenders, basically Pushers, that have already spent at least 10 years in jail; though there will be various exceptions to the rule.  How can anyone who sells drugs to young kids and others, often resulting in deaths, be considered non-violent.  Strict penalties for all crimes committed has resulted in a lower crime rates in our country.  Putting Drug Pushers back on our streets will result in more illegal drugs being sold to young kids and a higher crime rate; just wait and see.  What we are seeing in many parts of the country is the legalization of drugs at a time when the United States is falling behind other countries.   This is reminiscent of a time years ago when many in China were addicted to heroin, which caused their country to fall way behind other countries for decades. 

What the hell are we doing?  The lame stream left wing media, Hollywood and Secular Socialists and even some Libertarians in our country support the legalization of drugs.   This can't be good for our country.  And, even though drugs are illegal under federal laws; Obamanistas at the Justice Department have stated that they will not enforce the drug laws on the books.  Abraham Lincoln once said that "anarchy will lead to more anarchy".   We have an Attorney General, Liar Eric Holder, held in Contempt of Congress, who recently told all State Attorney Generals to simply ignore the state laws they disagreed with.   As a result, the rule of law is breaking down in our country.  Aside from the economic collapse that is coming because of continuous deficit spending, this is the surest way to destroy our country, which this Blogger is convinced is Obama's goal.   

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