Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Secret Immigration Reform Bill In The Works

There are rumors in Washington DC that there is a secret Immigration Reform Bill in the works.  Socialist Senator Chuckie Schummer of New York, who just can't pass by a camera without opening his big mouth, is telling his PEEP's to stay tuned.   RINO Speaker of the House John Boehner wants to get a deal done this year before the 2014 election.    Boehner could  make it happen if he ignores the base of the Republican Party in Congress and uses both RINO and Socialist votes in the House of Representatives and the Senate to make it happen.   Only problem is that nobody trusts Socialist President Pinocchio Obama to enforce a new law, since Obama is ignoring many Immigration laws currently on the books. 

If Boehner attempts to enact Immigration Reform, without adhering to the Hassert Rule, which is that no bill is brought to the floor without majority Republican support, it will result in the base of the Republican Party sitting on our hands next November.   What these RINO's fail to understand is that they cannot win elections without the Conservative base of the Republican Party.  i.e. John McCain and Mitt Romney.   Agreeing to the continuation of 100 years of Socialist Creep, in the name of "compromise", is bankrupting our country.   Common Sense Conservatives have had enough.   We will not vote for RINO's, no matter how bad the Socialist candidate may be because we just get more of the same lousy government. 

This Blogger supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform; but it should be done in stages that starts with securing the border.  Once we secure our border, everything else is possible; though those that entered our country illegally should only be allowed citizenship, after paying a fine and waiting in line just like everybody else that wants to enter our country legally.  We can't trust Obama, so any Immigration Law that is enacted, must be iron clad, requiring enforcement.  Otherwise, why bother. 

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