Saturday, April 19, 2014

Obama - Acts Of Congress Are Advisory

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama just signed a law into effect, enacted by all 535 members of both Houses of Congress to restrict Visas and entry into the United States of anyone associated with Terrorists, or Terrorist activity, which is just common sense.  The impetus for this law was the Iranian insistence on appointing an Iranian as their Ambassador to the United Nations.  The man they were proposing was actually involved in taking and holding the American staff members at our embassy in Iran, as hostages, during the Carter Presidency.   It is rare that all members of Congress can agree on anything; but this particular bill was actually sponsored by Senators Ted Cruz and Chuck Schumann, which is a real odd couple because there are no too Senators more Conservative, or Socialists in Congress than these two. 

In any case, in signing the bill into law, President Obama issued a "Signing Statement" giving him the right to ignore the law if he so chooses.   It was Obama during the 2008 campaign that railed against George W Bush for occasionally doing the same thing when he signed bills into law.   While any President has some discretion in exercising his Executive Powers, under the Constitution, there is nothing in the Constitution that allows any President to simply ignore a valid law, enacted by Congress once signed into law by the President.   This is a very dangerous precedent that should be challenged in court every time a President chooses to simply ignore the law. 

Obama has done it many times related to ObamaCare and other valid laws by Executive Order.   Every time Obama does this, there should be a court challenge.   Our Founding Fathers were intent on creating a government with three co-equal branches and check and balances.  Presidential usurpation of power is creating a dictatorship in the United States that both Conservatives and Socialists should oppose.   This is the reason why Republicans and Conservatives are hesitant to enact Immigration Reform.   Since Obama is ignoring immigration laws on the books now, no one believes that Obama will execute all the provisions of any new Immigration Legislation.   Instead, Obama will selectively ignore the provisions he chooses not to impose. 

The Presidency is evolving into a dictatorship.   Obama is using Executive Orders and the agencies of government, the IRS, NRA, EPA, Departments of Health and Human Services, Homeland Security and now even the Bureau of Land Management as federal government Gestapos to control all aspects of daily life.   It has to stop.  WE THE PEOPLE must stand up and say NO MORE even if we are called "Domestic Terrorists" by clowns like Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada.     

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