Friday, April 25, 2014

Racism And Poverty In America

Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher, battling the federal government over use of federal grazing lands, recently said that Black people were better off living as slaves than being on government assistance.   This was a pretty idiotic statement.  And, what the heck does that have to do with his dealings with the federal government anyway.  Of course, the lame steam left wing media is now saying that Bundy is not only racist; but that he is representative of Conservatives and the Republican Party.  Ridiculous!

This Blogger must conclude that Bundy's comments were more stupid than racist.  Though, this Blogger could argue that dependence on the government for subsistence is another form of enslavement; it is certainly not as bad as slavery.  That assertion by Bundy denies reality.  However, none of this has anything to do with the government overreach, sending in 200 - 300 heavily armed Gestapo storm troopers from the BLM to threaten Bundy and seize his cattle, when all they needed to do was to file a lien against his property for any monies owed, which could have forced foreclosure, in time, for non payment, or certainly payment at Bundy's death. 

But then anyone who questions the trillions of dollars we have spent on the War On Poverty, to no positive effect, is often called racist.   The fact is that the poverty rate is higher today than three decades ago, when Jimmy Carter, was President.  It is only common sense that all of these government assistance programs should be scrutinized because they have not worked to end poverty in America.  What is worse, they have contributed to the destruction of the Black family as 7 out of 10 Black babies are born out of wedlock.  3 out of 10 White and 5 out of 10 Latino babies are also born out of wedlock each year, which is not so wonderful either.  There are about two million kids a year born out of wedlock, often into poverty.   Men who father these children are often not held legally responsible for supporting them.   We have to fix that.   

I am quite sure that there are racists in America who hate people of color.   However, it is wrong to assume that all Conservatives and or Republicans proposing better and different solutions to "end Welfare as we know it" as referenced by Bill Clinton, are all racist.   What we are instead are common sense pragmatists.  Spending trillions more on programs that don't work just makes no sense.  It may be good for the poverty industry, which includes government union employees, who administer all these programs, but these programs obviously are not ending poverty.   Blacks, in particular, are worse off today than the first day Obama took office, even though spending on Welfare and Food Stamps are way up.   These are facts not Socialist fiction and lies. 

We need School Choice for poor parents so they can send their kids to better schools.  We need Workfare, not Welfare, so that able bodied Americans on Welfare, either must get a vocational education, or clean up their own neighborhoods as a condition for getting government assistance.   We need strong law enforcement in the inner cities of our country to get the drug pushers and gang bangers, murdering their neighbors,  off the streets.   We need to encourage and reward marriage so that fewer kids are growing up in single parent families.  And, men who father children out of wedlock must be held legally responsible, or face jail time.  If these ideas are racist, so be it.  We will not impact poverty in America without doing these things.  It is time for an honest, unemotional dialogue that deals with the facts.  Forget about Cliven Bundy.  That is a side show.          

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