Monday, April 7, 2014

Jeb Bush - Wrong Man For The Job

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is probably going to seek the Republican nomination for President in 2016.  While there is no doubt that Jeb Bush would have been preferable to his brother George W. Bush because he is smarter and a more able politician, in politics timing is everything.   Jeb lost his race for Governor the first time he tried in Florida, which put W. ahead of him in the process by four years.  If Jeb had won his first race, it is likely that he may have been elected President, rather than his brother.  But, that is all water under the bridge.  While the Bush name is beginning to rebound, given Socialist President Pinocchio Obama's dismal performance, the odds of a third Bush Presidency are not good.   Too many people have both Bush and Clinton fatigue as we seek others with new ideas to take back our country. 

Further, many Conservatives in the Republican Party, including this Blogger, do not trust Jeb Bush.   We see in Jeb Bush a big government compromiser, who may limit more Socialist Creep; but not stop it.  Jeb Bush is more like his father, a decent, experienced guy with a great family; but a little squishy when it comes to Conservative values.   Jeb Bush will work with the Socialists, rather than stop their drive to eliminate our freedom.  Jeb Bush supports Common Core, which is the federalization of public education, when he should be calling for more Charter Schools, School Vouchers and less teacher union involvement in the running of our public schools.  Jeb Bush is a Compassionate Conservative, when what we really need is a hard headed, tough, Common Sense Conservative that can be trusted to push for Conservatives solutions to our nation's problems.

Republicans need to nominate a Governor like Scott Walker, John Kasich, Rick Perry, Susanna Martinez, Bobbi Gindall, or Senators like Rand Paul, Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz, for President, all of whom have demonstrated a willingness to fight not only Socialists; but also the Republican Establishment to support limited government, lower taxes and less regulations to restore economic growth and get our country back on track.  This Blogger fears that Jeb Bush is just another moderate Establishment Republican, like John McCain and Mitt Romney and we know the end of that story.  As Ronald Reagan said, we need bold colors, not pastels to differentiate the Republican Party from the Socialist Party.  There is nothing bold about Jeb Bush.      

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