Thursday, April 10, 2014

Federal Gestapo Seizing Rancher's Cattle

In a renewed range war, the Federal Gestapo from the Bureau of Land Management is seizing a cattle herd of about 500, owned by Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his family.   The Bundy's have been grazing their cattle on this federal land since the 1870's.  However, now the land has been designated a sanctuary for the desert tortoise.  And as such, about 300 federal agents, with guns, have confronted local land owners to remove their cattle.   Of course, all of this is ridiculous.   The federal government owns and controls about 86% of the land in Nevada, as is often the case in other Western states.   There are millions of acres of open land with nothing on it in Nevada.   So, why on earth is the Federal Gestapo bothering the Bundy family that is just trying to make a living.   This new range war has the potential to turn violent as ranchers from the area, near the Utah border, are banding together to protect themselves and their land use.   Those of us with common sense that live in cities in Nevada must support them. 

Have the morons from the Bureau of Land Management stopped to considered that the cattle on this land are actually part of the ecosystem making things better for the desert tortoise if in fact they do reside on or under this land.  Cattle eat the scrub brush that grows on this desert land and have been doing so for 144 years.  In the process, they defecate fertilizer and undigested seeds that help renew the land when the rains do come.  I assume that desert tortoises are vegetarian eating the plants that grow as a result of the Cattle presence.   This has all been working just fine for decades. 

Where are Republican Senator Dean Heller, Congressman Mark Amodei and Joe Heck and Governor Brian Sandoval in this battle.  Certainly, this Blogger and resident of Nevada would expect the Republicans in Congress and in Carson City to stand up for this rancher's right to stop these Gestapo tactics.  Naturally, Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid, who only cares about the land he has made millions on through shady real estate deals in Nevada and the other two Socialist Congressman in Nevada are no where to be found in this battle.   It is up to Heller, Amodei, Heck and Sandoval to stop this Federal Government Gestapo from attacking this rancher and seizing his cattle.   

The American people continue to face loss of our freedom at the hands of various Federal Government Gestapos including the EPA, IRS, NSA, Homeland Security, Health and Human Services and now the BLM.   Obamanistas are attempting to intrude and control all facets of daily life.   WE THE PEOPLE must stand up and say HELL NO to the Federal Government.   Specific to Nevada, we need to send the Federal Government packing and take back our state lands. 

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