Thursday, April 10, 2014

Secretary Sebelius - Gone But Not Forgotten

Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius either resigned, or she was push out by Obamanistas as the first fall guy of ObamaCare.   Sebelius may be gone; but she will never be forgotten for her role in the ObamaCare Monstrosity and train wreck that has hit 80% of the American people.   Obamanistas declared victory on March 31, the supposed deadline date for sign up's, by saying that they have enrolled 7 million Americans, their target goal.  Only problem is that the numbers are bogus and Sebelius knows it.

The reality is that 6 million Americans so far have had their medical insurance cancelled.   Some of those Americans bought new policies, at higher fees, on the ObamaCare exchanges.   Many of the people that signed up for expanded Medicaid, under ObamaCare, would have gotten it anyway.  And finally, the 40% of sign-up's needed by young people, to subsidize older, sick people, just did not happen.   The next shoe to fall will be the Obama bail-out of insurance companies that will be needed to deal with these facts. 

Kathleen Sebelius resigned now declaring victory because she knows that the S--T is going to hit the fan in the months ahead and she just can't take any more beatings for Socialist President Pinocchio Obama.   Obama lied when he said you could keep your doctors and medical plan.  Obama also lied when he told the American people that their cost for medical premiums and health care would go down, on average, by $2,500 when in fact the cost of medical insurance, deductibles and co-pays have gone up dramatically for 80% of Americans and it is going to get worse in the years ahead. 

Sebelius jumped ship like a rat on a sinking ship, one way or another, because she just does not want to deal with this ObamaCare train wreck any longer.  In the process, if she ever had any positive reputation, it has been destroyed by the disastrous roll out of ObamaCare and the national disaster this Socialist Scheme has caused.  Obama has already nominated Sebelius successor, Sylvia Burwell, the current Director of the Office of Management and Budget, which tells us that this resignation was months in the making.   Burwell will regret the day she took the job of managing ObamaCare; just wait and see.  No one with a brain would have taken the job. 

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