Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Middle East Peace Talks Dead Again

Israel has been in a state of war since that nation was founded in 1949.  Israel is surrounded by countries that do not recognize its right to exist.   It certainly did not help that US Secretary of State John Kerry recently said Israel was becoming an Apartheid State.   What a dope.  The Palestinian Authority, which is now working in cooperation with Hamas, a Terrorist organization, does not recognize Israel's right to exist.  It is only logical that the Israeli government ended peace negotiations with the Palestinians again.  If the Palestinians really wanted peace, they could have had it long ago.   They probably could even have had access to part of Jerusalem as their capital under the right conditions. 

This Blogger has been to both Israel and the Palestinian territory to Bethlehem.   In spite of the billions of dollars the Palestinians have been given by the United States and other Western countries, while Israel is comparable to many European countries in terms of development, the Palestinian territory is a third world country.  The reason for that is because a lot of this money is ending up in Swiss bank accounts as a result of corruption.  

It is really a shame.   These two Semitic peoples could form a mutual defense and economic zone to enrich both peoples.  But that is not going to happen as long as the Palestinian Authority associates itself with Hamas, Iran and other terrorist groups.   So once again the peace talks in the Middle East are dead.  Surprise, Surprise. 

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