Wednesday, April 23, 2014

BLM Eyeing Huge Land Grab In Texas

The Bureau of Land Management, run by Neil Kornze, Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid's stooge, is eyeing a huge land grab in Texas.  There is some talk that the BLM is going to try to take over 90,000 acres along the Red River and border with Oklahoma.  The only problem with this Socialist Scheme is that this is private property that has been owned by the same rancher's for generations.  This is not public land. If the BLM Gestapos try the same tactics that they tried in Nevada, they will find the Attorney General of Texas, Greg Abbott, who is the likely next Governor of Texas, there to stop them by whatever legal means necessary.   

The slogan all over Texas is "Don't Mess With Texas".   If the thugs at the BLM think they are just going to prance in and take this private property away from these ranchers, without a huge fight in court and otherwise, I suspect they will face thousands of protesters, again carrying guns, out to protect these land owner's rights.  The Environmental Wackos in the Obama Administration are determined to turn the United States into a Communist Country where government controls all land and means of production.   These Socialists don't care about the rule of law, or the notion of private property.   They actually believe that all of us work for them, so that they can continue feeding at the trough, at our expense.

WE THE PEOPLE must stand up to stop every assault on our freedom by saying HELL NO to these Socialists, Fascists and Communists.   When a patriotic, hard working American faces the jack boot of these federal government thugs, we must stand with that American to prevent a loss of private property rights and personal freedom.  What the hell is going on in this country?   These Obamanistas are out to destroy our nation.   That fact is becoming clearer by the day. 

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