Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Union Thugs In The Private Sector

As we watch the violent protests by Union Thugs in Michigan, just because Republicans in the state have voted to make Michigan the 24th Right To Work State, giving the citizens of Michigan the right to join, or not join a union.   As union membership keeps falling, we see why Unions don't make much sense anymore.   Many of the issues unions fought for years ago related to work rules, safety and discrimination issues are now the law of the land.   Most big companies provide their employees decent pay, paid time off, medical insurance and 401K pension plans and that has happened in non union shops, without unions. 

So why would anyone continue paying union dues just to pay FAT CAT, cigar smoking, union bosses their big salaries.    Of course, now that Michigan is a Right To Work state, those very same union bosses know that many union members, previously forced to pay union dues, as a condition of employment, will opt out.   It has been happening for years as union membership has fallen from 36% of workers in the private sector to just 7% today.   This is the reason the unions are focused on Wal Mart, the nation's biggest private sector employer.   They have no place else to go, since they have driven manufacturing jobs out of the United States. 

It is only public sector unions that are growing and in the process bankrupting our country as a result of their outrageous compensation, benefits and pension plans that are 40% higher than what is common in the private sector for like work.   That balloon will eventually burst too as American taxpayers get fed up and will stand up and say HELL NO to public employee unions feeding at the trough at taxpayer expense.   That day is coming. 

Unions in the private sector are job killers.   Industry after industry has been forced out of the United States by unreasonable union demands.  The unions just put Hostess Brands out of business, causing the loss of 18,000 jobs.  Not to worry, a foreign company will buy those brands that have value and we will see Twinkies on store shelves once again, except made by Mexicans, or the Chinese.  Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.   The reality is that all of us now compete in a global market place.   It makes no sense to pay big money for unskilled labor, since work can be done anywhere in the world.   It is what is it. 

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