Friday, December 7, 2012

California Teachers - Stupid Is As Stupid Does

The California Federation of Teachers has produced a video, narrated by Socialist actor Ed Asner of Mary Tyler Moore fame, showing the "rich" urinating on poor people.   It is about the most disgusting Class Warfare propaganda ever seen on TV; but it is happening because Socialist President Obama continues to play this game dividing our country.   In addition, it demonstrates how politically stupid teachers are in bankrupt California, at the same time that California, among many other states, has high drop out rates and kids that do poorly on academic achievement tests. 

But here is the reality.   It is the "rich", many of whom are fleeing California, that are paying teachers compensation, benefits and high pensions.   And, it is the "rich" from Wall Street that have invested Venture Capital money in high tech firms in California that provide significant state tax revenues when they succeed.   Remember, companies like Apple, Google and many other high tech firms are headquartered in California.   And, though many of these companies manufacturer goods overseas to avoid both US and California taxes, they still pay sizable amounts of money in taxes to support public employees in California, since California has the highest tax rates in the country.

The first rule of life is don't bite the hand that is feeding you.   When the California Federation of Teachers plays the Class Warfare game, they are criticizing the very people paying their salaries and pensions.   Pretty stupid if you ask me.   All it does is cause more companies, sometimes; but not always, run by "rich" people to leave California and say to California teachers,  feeding at the trough,  NO MORE APPLES FOR THE TEACHER.    

When the Makers leave California, as is happening and the state only has Takers left in the state, then what?    This is the reason California is bankrupt.   There are now more Takers than Makers left in California.   Pushing the "rich" away by raising taxes and demonizing them is a road to fiscal disaster.   What will it take for Socialists to realize that if you kill the goose that laid the golden egg, there will be no more eggs.   The geese have had it.  They are flying away more and more every year.   These teachers are really stupid.  No wonder many California kids do so poorly in public schools.  As Forest Gump once said, Stupid is as Stupid does. 

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