Sunday, December 9, 2012

Michigan Going Right To Work

It is very likely that Michigan, controlled by Republicans in their state legislature and Governor's office, will enact Right to Work laws making Michigan the 24th state in the union giving workers the right to say No to union dues and membership, even if it is a union job.   Of course, the unions are going ballistic, since forced membership and dues collection is their ticket to power and political influence.   This should be no surprise because Socialists are always the enemies of freedom. 

However, enacting Right to Work laws in Michigan will good for job creation, since most companies will not locate new manufacturing plants in states that require union membership.   It is no accident that the new auto industry has moved out of Michigan to Right To Work states.   The foreign companies; Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, BMW and Mercedes Benz, all of which now have manufacturing in the US, are all in the South in Right to Work states.   They went there to avoid the United Auto Workers Union and forced unionization. 

It just might be that once Michigan enacts Right to Work laws that some of these companies will build new plants in Michigan.   Now wouldn't that be great.   Even so, we will see the unions protesting in the street in Michigan; just like occurred in Wisconsin.   The reality is that unions in the private sector have fallen from 36% of manufacturing jobs to just 7%.   This has occurred because the unions have been job killers for years, pushing many manufacturing jobs overseas because of unreasonable demands for basically unskilled labor.   What unions often do not understand is that work can be done anywhere; hence the reason many of these jobs are now in China and other countries.  

But all that aside, this is a freedom issue.   No one in this country should be forced to join a union, or pay dues to a union against his or her will.  Right to Work laws are just about basic rights.   Socialists talk about rights; but not when it comes to their self interests.   So what's new.  

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