Monday, December 3, 2012

French President Hollande - As Dumb As It Gets

Socialist President Francois Hollande of France is about as dumb as it gets.   Hollande, who has raised the income tax rate in France to 75%, which is causing an exodus of the "rich", while at the same time he lowered the retirement age in bankrupt France to 60, is now saying that homework for elementary and secondary school children should be eliminated because it advantages the rich.   Hollande claims that rich people have time to spend with their children doing homework, while poor people have no such time.  

This Blogger would think poor people, on the dole in France, have all the time in the world, since they often don't work, while rich people are busy working long hours to get, or stay rich.   We have heard Socialists around the world rationalize just about everything blaming the rich for all the evil in the world; but this latest pronouncement from Hollande takes the cake at at time when French kids have even fallen behind kids in the US in reading and science.   And, that is really bad because US kids perform dismally in reading and science, far below other industrialized nations.  If anything all kids in France and in the US need to do more homework, not less, to compete with kids in Japan, India or China that study non-stop. 

Perhaps, Messier Francois Hollande has been drinking too much French wine, which is quite good because this guy is just plain off the wall; but in many ways no worse than Drama Obama.   Even so, I don't think Socialist President Obama would make such a dumb statement concerning eliminating homework for poor kids in the US.  It is just too stupid.   

While Paris burns, Hollande fiddles.  France has an immense debt crisis almost as bad as Italy, Greece and Spain.  France, like the United States, under Socialist President Obama has seen its credit rating down graded as a result of its deficit spending and National Debt.  France has had structural unemployment for years as a result of crazy employment laws and unsustainable entitlements, yet Socialist politicians win elections because they continue to promise cradle to grave, nanny state benefits to the French people who want the sweet life; but can't afford to pay for it.  

Sound familiar.   Drama Obama is bringing this craziness to the United States as he plots to "transform" the United States into a Socialist country.   Instead, the US like France will experience economic collapse, civil strife our our streets and a loss of our national sovereignty if these characters continue with their Socialist Schemes.   History is our teacher and this will be the end of the story if countries like France and the United States continue down the current, crazy and destructive path borrowing and spending money, that we just don't have, to fund their Socialist Schemes. 

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