Monday, December 31, 2012

Obama Calls For Even Higher Taxes

Even before the ink is dry on the Fiscal Cliff deal, which if enacted will raise taxes on families and small businesses earning more than $450,000 a year, Socialist President Obama, always in campaign mode, went on TV to say that he will not agree to any spending cuts, or Entitlement reform without even higher taxes on the "rich" and corporations.   That means there will be no spending cuts as we continue to head toward bankruptcy and a loss of our national sovereignty. 

This Man/Child, incompetent President is a JOB KILLER.   These higher taxes are falling on sub chapter S Corp Small Businesses, which when combined with the 21 new taxes in ObamaCare, will result in lay off's and or an inability to make new investments to create jobs. 

We go from crisis to crisis under Drama Obama, which is the reason business is not investing in new plants and equipment.   Assuming they deal with the Fiscal Cliff, at least that bit of uncertainty will be gone; but then Obama throws in the potential for even higher taxes that he is going to demand in 2013 and beyond.   We are back to more uncertainty.   As a business owner, it tells me to batten down the hatches and delay hiring.  Obama has been the most anti business President since the two Roosevelt's and Woodrow Wilson. 

And, Obama continues to use the "rich" as a scapegoat for everything that plagues America; much the same way Hitler used the Jews for the bad economy in Germany in 1933.   One more time, the poor are not poor because the rich are rich.   The poor are poor because they are poorly educated by our public schools and they have no marketable jobs kills in a competitive global marketplace.   God knows we have spent Trillions of dollars on education and social welfare programs since the New Deal; yet the poverty rate is higher today than when Obama first took office.

The only way we will see economic growth and job creation again in America that helps the poor and the Middle Class is if we have a thriving Private Sector.   Obama is doing everything he can to retard the growth of the Private Sector, while at the same time using every excuse to grow government.   We have seen the end of this story many times in History.   Socialism only leads to a lower standard of living for the people, misery, poverty and in some cases murder.  Yet, our Socialist, and perhaps Communist President continues to push us down that road in the name of "social justice" and the redistribution of income.   God help us all. 

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