Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dictator Obama Wants To Control Debt Ceiling

Lost in all the hoopla about the Fiscal Cliff is Socialist President Obama's demand that he and he alone should be able to raise the National Debt Ceiling, without Congressional approval, which would be in violation of our Constitution.   Shortly, we will once again hit our National Debt Ceiling pegged at $16.4 Trillion.   In order for Obama to borrow and spend even more money, Congress will have to raise the National Debt Ceiling, most likely some time in January, 2013.

Can you even imagine if Obama could do this based on his sole authority.   This would be like giving a heroin addict unlimited supplies of heroin for free.  Eventually, the heroin addict would over dose and die.   So too, if Obama is given this authority, he will borrow and spend the United States into economic collapse and our country will die.   It is already happening, even with Congressional approval, as Obama continues to borrow and spend more than a Trillion dollars each year, more than the federal government takes in.   This level of deficit spending is criminal and should be the basis of impeachment. 

If Obama could just raise the National Debt Ceiling at will, we would see billions more going to crony supporter solar and wind companies, many of which have already filed for bankruptcy after getting Obama's first round of SwindleUS money.   The number of Public employees would grow dramatically and they would recieve very high compensation, benefits and pensions, far in excess of what is common in the private sector.  Billions more would go to fund High Speed Rail projects all over the country that will never pay for themselves, when Amtrac is bankrupt.  

We would see millions more on Welfare, Disability, Medicaid, Food Stamps and all sort of government programs, to make them Socialist voters, when all of these programs already have grown in record numbers since Obama was first elected.    Given a credit card with no limits, Obama will bankrupt our country, which would cost us our national sovereignty.   Obama would then turn our country over to the United Nations to properly "govern' what would be our Socialist country.

Members of Congress should never give Obama's this power; but don't be surprised if Obama does not attempt to use an Executive Order to take it.   If he does so, it will cause a Constitutional Crisis and end up in the Supreme Court.   If that happens, we will have months, or years more of uncertainty which will lead to even slower growth, higher unemployment and a lower standard of living for all Americans.  

Drama Obama loves crisis, which Obamanistas use to amass more federal control over our daily life.   Socialist President Obama is a clear and present danger to our nation as bad as any foreign enemy we have ever faced.   A potential power grab by Obama to take control of the National Debt Ceiling would be a catastrophe.   We can't let it happen.  If Obama tries to do it, we must once again take to the streets in protest. 

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