Monday, December 17, 2012

25 States Say HELL NO To ObamaCare

25 states, run by Republicans, have said HELL NO to ObamaCare, which will force the federal government to set up the Insurance Exchanges required by ObamaCare.   Republican governors wisely determined that it makes no sense for states to take on this expense, since the federal government is calling the shots anyway.   Obama put this monstrosity in place, so now Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress can deal with it.  Of course, Socialists would like nothing better than more federal control over daily life; but the real issue is cost.   Why should these states take on this cost, which will either require higher state taxes,  or a reduction in other state expenditures to fund ObamaCare.  

At the same time, various Socialist Senators, that apparently did not read the ObamaCare law when they voted for it, are now asking that the tax in ObamaCare on medical devices be eliminated because it is a job killer that will impact companies and employees in their states.   Well dah!!   And, then there is the Doc Fix.   Obama cut $716 Billion out of Medicare to fund ObamaCare, which will result in much lower payments to doctors and hospitals so much so that many doctors will not take Medicare patients.   This will result in rationing of medical care for Senior Citizens.   Again, well dah!!   Even before ObamaCare, Congress had to implement the Doc Fix to restore reasonable payment for services to prevent this all from happening.   So here we are again, thank you Mr. President. 

Unless the world comes to an end on December 21, 2012, according to the Mayan calendar, we are all going to be dealing with ObamaCare for years to come.   Maybe the Mayans knew about ObamaCare.  It will be the good, the bad and ugly and mostly the latter two that we will face with ObamaCare.   It is already estimated that as many of 20 million Americans, that have company sponsored health care now will lose that benefit because it will be much cheaper for many companies to just pay the fine and walk away.   Again, thank you Mr. President. 

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