Friday, December 14, 2012

Harry Belafonte Singing A Crazy Song

Black singer and left wing radical, old timer Harry Belafonte has been singing a crazy; but predictable song.   Belafonte is now saying that Socialist President Obama should take dictatorial powers, if needed, to ram through his Socialist Schemes because it is the will of the people.  That is no surprise since Obama is doing just that; but Belafonte went on to say that the 48% of us that oppose Obama should be put in jail if we oppose Obama's actions.  Gosh, Belafonte is a Socialist showing his true colors, so again no surprise. 

Throughout history, Socialists, Communists and Fascists have jailed their opponents and even murdered them in many cases to impose their Socialist, big government schemes on the people.   So of course, when Conservatives hear such stupid talk, guns sales go up dramatically.   To be certain, there are many people in the United States that do not trust Dictator Obama, or the federal government because we see the intrusion into all aspects of daily life.   Hearing anyone talking about jailing opponents for voicing opinions, or attempting to obstruct Socialist Schemes just feeds this distrust even more and further divides our nation.  

Harry Belafonte is a washed up entertainer of no particular consequence; but his comments hit home for many people because we are seeing Obamanistas over reach and a cocky President that actually won by just 50% of the vote, which is 3% less than Obama achieved in 2008; yet Obama is acting like he has an even bigger mandate.   The facts on the ground say otherwise.   The House of Representatives is still controlled by Republicans, as are 30 state Governorships, the majority and many state legislatures.   Obama may have won the Presidency; but much of the country is controlled by Republicans.  

So, Mr. Belafonte before you start talking about putting anyone in jail, the door can swing both ways.   Maybe we should put the Takers in society that can work; but won't, in jail.   How about the crony Capitalists that have been feeding at the trough under Obama.  Why not put them in jail too.   And, then there are the 12 million Illegal Aliens in our country, why aren't they in jail.   Conservatives are not suggesting any of these things.   It is only Socialists, Communists and Fascists that say such things.   The lessons of history teach us that we must be vigilant to protect our freedom.  Hearing Harry Belafonte spouts his crazy ideas just reminds us all that the fight continues. 

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