Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Republican Party Is At Risk

In dealing with the Fiscal Cliff, if the Republican Party is not true to its principles, it will be the end of the Republican Party.   While Obama may have garnered 50% of the vote to win reelection,  the House of Representatives is controlled by Republicans, supposedly committed to low taxes and common sense regulations.   If Speaker of the House John Boehner agrees to higher tax rates, rather than a common sense, pro growth plan that deals with tax and entitlement reform in a way that is consistent with Republican principles, not only will Boehner lose his Speakership, one way or another,  the Republican Party will go the way of the Whigs. 

48% of Americans voted against Obama's Socialist Schemes.   We don't just dislike Obama,  we vehemently disagree with Obama's vision for America to "transform" out nation into a Socialist, or Communist country.   We see Obama as a clear and present danger to our country as bad as any foreign enemy we have ever faced.  If John Boehner betrays us and the Tea Party members of Congress, as he appears to be doing by removing Conservatives from key committees, it will divide the Republican Party in a way that is irretrievable.   This Blogger has said many times that the Republican Party is on life support. 

We don't need another Socialist Party in Congress.    What might emerge is the American Constitution Party, if the Republican Party does not remain true to Conservative economic ideology.   Boehner has proposed a plan that so far is consistent with Republican ideology to lower tax rates by eliminating loop holes and deductions.   This Blogger believes that the House of Representative should cease negotiations with the Socialists and just enact a common sense, pro growth plan, send it over to Dirty Harry in the US Senate and the President and then go home for Christmas.  

If the Socialists choose to take our country over the Fiscal Cliff, so be it.   It is irresponsible; but it would be preferable to raising taxes that will cost more than 700,000 jobs and further retard economic growth and job creation in our country.   Republicans must stand up and be counted.   We are the pro growth Conservative Party.  If that is not the case, the Republican Party will be no more. 

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