Wednesday, December 5, 2012

American Business Gloomy About 2013

Socialist President Obama continues to wage war on success, American business and Free Market Capitalism with all his Socialist Schemes to raise taxes and add thousands of new regulations, many of which are job killers.   This combined with looming ObamaCare has cause American Business to sit on its hands related to new investment.  In fact, it is estimated that American companies are sitting on more than $2 Trillion in cash that is on the sidelines as a result of Obama's reelection.  

Drama Obama continues to create "uncertainty" and almost daily turmoil, as we seemingly go from one crisis to another.   And, continued attacks by Obamanistas like the California Teacher's Union running videos, narrated by Socialist actor Ed Asner,  showing "rich" Wall Street types urinating on poor people is not helping create a positive business environment.    We need stability and certainty to restore economic growth and job creation again in AmericaThe Class Warfare that won Obama the election has to end. 

This Blogger fears that we will have just the opposite for the next four years as Obama remains in campaign mode and is simply incapable of governing.   We need a President that can unite our country around common causes, not one that divides our country at every turn.   Sadly, that President is not Drama Obama.  

The UCLA Anderson School of Business is forecasting unemployment in 2013 of 8% or higher and a very slow GDP growth rate under 2%.   This is the case because we have no pro-growth policies coming out of Washington, or the President.  In fact, just the opposite.  Obamanistas continue to advance job killing taxes and new regulations.   Sadly, many more people will be laid off in 2013.  Obama can't blame Bush II any more; though he will try to continue the blame game.   Obama has the big house and the jet.   Drama Obama now also owns the dismal economy, as well. 

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