Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Tea Party Is Not Dead

Much to the chagrin of Socialist President Obama and his pals in government, as well as, the left wing, lame stream media, the Tea Party is not dead by any means, despite their pronouncements.   And, the Socialist's descriptions of Tea Party Members as "radical" is absurd.  The only "radicals" in the United States are the Socialists and Communists that are pushing our country toward bankruptcy as a result of their PEEP's feeding at the trough. 

This Blogger is a Tea Party Member that keeps advocating common sense ideas to deal with our National Debt by reforming Entitlements and reducing the size of government.  I know these ideas may be "radical" for left wing Socialists and Communists and their supporters in the media; but unless we finally get spending under control, we will see the economic collapse of the United States and a loss of our National Sovereignty.   We are not going to let that happen. 

Tea Party Members, me included, that love our country and way of life are not about to let the real "radicals", the Socialists and Communists in government destroy our nation, in the name of "social justice" and redistribution of income, which is obviously their ultimate goal.    We believe in limited Constitutional government, lower taxes and fewer regulations.   In other words, Tea Party Members support FREEDOM as it was defined by our Founding Fathers, not the 100 years of Socialist Creep we must roll back that is the handiwork of left wing radicals and judges over the years that is bankrupting our country. 

Not to worry, the Tea Party is alive and well.   We cling to our guns, religion, family and Conservative values as the real foundation of our nation.    We are not going away any time soon because to do so would be to give up on our country and our children.  That is not going to happen any time soon. 

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