Saturday, December 1, 2012

Obama's War On Free Market Capitalism

Ever since Obama was elected President, he and his left wing Socialist pals in Congress have used the Recession to attack Free Market Capitalism.   It is important to keep in mind that Socialists hate Capitalism and Capitalists in good and bad times so Obama's actions are no surprise.   It is just that Obama has used the financial debacle we experienced in 2008-09 to further the Socialist Schemes that are always part of the Socialist agenda to grow government at the expense of the private sector.

Socialists believe that government is the solution to every problem, when history has taught us the government is generally the problem and not the solution.  It is government that actually caused the mortgage fiasco, by demanding that people be given home loans that could not repay them, that caused the latest Recession.  With the exception of the military, there is very little that government does well.  Think about it.  Despite spending trillions of dollars on the poor since the New Deal, the poverty rate is higher today than when Bush II was President.  

Welfare has destroyed the Black family.  Even though there are more Whites on welfare in real numbers than minorities, there are more Blacks and Hispanics on Welfare as a percentage of their population than Whites.   And, 7 out of 10 Black babies and 4 out of 10 White babies today are born to single mothers, many of whom are on Welfare and Medicaid stuck in poverty.    

And, then there are the public schools.  Again after spending more money on public schools than any other industrialized nation, basically trillions of dollars in the last 30 years, we achieve poorer results in term of academic achievement and drop out rates.   The point to all of this is that government does not make the best use of our hard earned money, which is  the reason giving more of our money to all levels of government in the form of higher taxes makes no sense.  

This could be demonstrated by many examples; bankrupt Amtrac, the Post office, Social Security, Medicare and now ObamaCare, not to mention FEMA, the disaster recovery agency.    Many government programs would be far better off if they were offered through a free market solution to avoid the fraud, corruption and abuse common in government. 

Only a thriving private sector can lead to real economic growth and job creation in America.  However, private sector growth is often retarded by government high taxes and regulations, made worse by Obama's Socialist Schemes.  Free Market Capitalism, even with its boom and bust cycles, has created more wealth, for more people and a higher standard of living than any other economic system in human history, in spite of government action and not because of it.

Russian President Putin has given speeches saying that Obama is doing to the United States what the Communists did to the old Soviet Union by advancing all his Socialist Schemes and we know the end of that story.  Obama's demonizing of Capitalism and Capitalists is a road to no where.   It plays to Obama's PEEP's; those on the dole, the 50% of Americans that pay no income taxes at all, public employee union members, illegal aliens, radical feminists and environmentalists, trial lawyers and crony capitalists; but it will do nothing to grow our economy and create jobs.   In fact, the so called "rich" are sitting on their hands, rather than invest in the Obama economy; hence our continued high unemployment, slow GDP growth rate and lower standard of living for the American people.   

The business of America is business, not government.   Our Founding Fathers got it right when they created a limited government.   Instead, Socialist Creep in the last 100 years is both wrecking and bankrupting our country.   And, while there is a role for government to play by protecting our country and insuring a sound monetary and legal system with limited regulations, government and Obama need to get out of the way and allow Free Market Capitalism to restore economic growth and job creation again in America.   It will not happen any other way. 

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