Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gun Violence In America

With the tragic murder of innocent children and adults, at a school in Connecticut that breaks our hearts, we will once again hear Socialists calls for more gun control in America because they refuse to address the real causes for gun violence in our country.   Certainly, as a society we must do everything we can to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and lunatics; but that is no reason to further restrict gun ownership by the more than 100 million law abiding citizens in America.    

Parents, schools, government agencies and employers must do a better job dealing with mentally unstable people, first to identify them, and second, to get them help, or put them in institutions so that they can't harm other people.   And, it is clear that schools and perhaps other places where people congregate must be made more secure, including using armed guards.  This Blogger CEO had security systems installed in all of our offices, after we had the divorced, bi polar wife of an employee come to one of our offices with a knife in hand threatening our employees.   That was a wake up call for me.  Maybe we need to do even more.

But the reality is that far more people die each year in America from car accidents than from gun violence.   So, should we ban cars?   And, millions of law abiding citizens own guns with no negative impact.   So why would we further limit, or abolish the Second Amendment to the Constitution guaranteeing the right to own guns because of the random acts of criminals, or deranged individuals, knowing that a determined lunatic can use various methods to commit mass murder, if that is the intention.   Bombs can be built from items available at any hardware store.  Biological terrorism is also very feasible. 

No, instead, we must recognize the facts.   Most criminals and these deranged killers come from dysfunctional families.    Sadly, many families have issues with drug and alcohol abuse, divorce,  child custody, sexual abuse and in some cases financial issues.   When one of these tragic events happens, there is almost always a story.   And, there is violence in the media around us non stop between pornography that demeans women, violent video games and movies that kids see from a very young age making them numb to heinous acts of violence and murder.   At the same time, abortion, which is really an act of infanticide, is portrayed as a women's right to choose, instead of the legally violent act and disregard for life that it is.   All of this creates a tolerance for violence that is leading to these heinous crimes.   And then, we are surprised and shocked when it happens. 

This story should be about encouraging and supporting faith and family that is often derided in our increasingly secular society.   This is  part of the culture war that has been going on for years.  Having babies out of wedlock is not a good thing and it should be criticized as wrong, not recognized as cool by Hollywood, the media and others.   It is hard enough to raise children in a healthy, loving, two parent family, let alone when single mom's, often living in poverty, try to do it.   We may never have the idyllic families that were portrayed on TV years ago, but we sure should try to do everything we can to get back to those values.   And, we have to recognize that there is EVIL in our society that this Blogger believes is the devil's work. 

Finally, we have far more to fear from government than we do from criminals and deranged individuals.   History teaches us that Socialists, Communists and Fascists, in one form or another, in government, going back thousands of years, have murdered millions of people in the name of ideology, territorial conflicts, tribal differences, or even religion.   The Second Amendment of the US Constitution is there, not so much to guarantee hunting rights; but to guarantee our freedom in the event our government ever attempts to use murder and coercion to end it.   Don't say it can't happen because it has happened many times throughout history, particularly when countries face economic collapse and turmoil. 

Our Founding Fathers learned the lessons of history well and addressed the potential evil they saw in government, by including the Second Amendment, so that citizens could defend themselves from an abusive government.   This is the reason Socialists always call for more gun control.   They fear violent popular rebellion against their Socialist Schemes, which could very well happen, some day,  as government continues to intrude into all aspects of daily life. 

It is no coincidence that one of the first things Hitler and the Communists in the old Soviet Union did when gaining control of the government was to ban gun ownership.   We can only wonder if 6 million Jews would have been murdered if they had owned guns and could defend themselves.   There are countless stories in both modern history and going back much further that demonstrates that government is fully capable of murdering its own citizens.   It is happening today in Syria and various countries around the world.   So we have good reason to distrust government. 

Gun violence in America is not about gun ownership.   To end this violence, we have to be honest about societal issues that cause this violence.   The remedy is not more gun control.   There are already enough laws on the books to control and regulate gun ownership.   Instead, we have to deal with family issues, identifying mentally ill people that could do harm and the evil that exists in our country if we are ever going to end these sad days.  

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