Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Message to US Congress - Just Read The Bill

Republicans are pushing a new rule for Congress that would require that any bill be posted on the Internet for 72 hours prior to a vote on the bill. Unless the issue relates to a national emergency, why not five business days on the Internet to allow both members of Congress and the public to READ the bill. What is the rush? At this point, the Democrat Socialists that control Congress have refused to allow this requirement. Senator Max Baucus, head of the Senate Finance Committee claims it would take two weeks just to post a bill on the web. I know government is slow; but what a bunch of baloney! The fact is that Democrat Socialists do not want the light of day to shine on their handiwork because they know that if the public has an opportunity to scrutinize these potential new laws that they would hear from the angry Tea Bag "Mob". And, that just maybe, we would take to the streets again in protest as has been happening since the election of President Obama.

Americans are mad as hell and we are not going to take it any more and that is very troubling to these Democrat Socialist politicians that are used to playing their little games without any interference from the public; you know those of us paying all the bills. That is the reason many Democrat Socialists called off town hall meetings last summer. Senator Harry Reid did not have the guts to come home to Nevada for a face to face town hall meeting because he knew he would have faced very angry "evil mongers"; the term he used to describe Tea Bag Protesters.

The fact is that Democrat Socialists passed the SwindleUS Plan and CAP and TAX without ever reading these bills. This is one reason the Congress has such an unfavorable rating in the polls; below 30%. How could they read these bills, received just a few hours before a vote, when they are over a thousand pages long. Democrat Socialist Senator Harry Reid from Nevada, the Senate Majority Leader plans to bring Obama's HealthScare Plan up for a vote in the Senate in the next two weeks. HealthScare will be another 1000 plus page master piece that few Senators will be able to READ before a vote. What ever happened to Due Diligence? HealthScare involves the government take over of 1/6th of the US economy. If passed, it will impact virtually every American and cost trillions of dollars resulting in the bankruptcy of the United States; yet there will be many Democrat Socialist Senators that will vote YES on this new law. Nearly all Republicans will vote NO based on what they know of the bill particularly since not one of their amendments has yet been added to the bill to make it more reasonable and less costly.

It is truly astounding that politicians of either party would vote for any new law without reading it. The deficit spending in these new laws is staggering. The Trillions of Dollars of debt that are being proposed by President Obama and the Democrat Socialist that control Congress will result in the surrender of our national sovereignty without an enemy ever firing a shot. It is already happening as many decisions impacting our country are being made in Europe or China. We all have to stand up and JUST SAY NO. We have to take back our country and soon or we will lose our country. Remember, all elections are National and Obama proves that elections matter.

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