Monday, September 7, 2009

Most Radical Divisive President in US History

President Obama is the most radical, anti-business, divisive President in US History. This is true because the United States is a center right country and Obama is a left wing Socialist, totally out of step with the majority of the American people. The last election was decided 52% for Obama and 48% for McCain. Considering the Bush legacy and how weak a candidate McCain was, these numbers demonstrate that Obama is in fact not that popular contrary to liberal media pronouncements. Obama is now falling in the polls because all of his socialist schemes have come to light; though I am amazed that any of his plans or radical appointments are a surprise to any one since he was very clear about his intentions during the election.

In any case, 40% of Americans are staunchly conservative. 40% of Americans are left wing liberals. Hence we have a very divided country which is the reason people are marching in the streets. 20% of Americans are switch hitters with little or no political ideology. In a sense, elections are decided by this 20% of voters which drives me crazy. These particular Americans are the most susceptible to money in politics because they react to the sound bites that only money can buy because switch hitters have no solid convictions. Sadly and in general which ever candidate raises the most money usually wins the election because switch hitters are easily swayed by emotional arguments not facts. Obama raised incredible amounts of money in the last election, far more than McCain; hence he bought the election because he convinced the switch hitters to vote for him. Switch hitter's knowledge about government and critical issues is superficial at best which is the reason in one election they vote Republican and in another they vote Democrat. Switch hitters will tell you that "they vote for the candidate" not what he stand for and or what he will do if elected. This is the case because switch hitters know so little about the issues that they can't differentiate between candidates on that basis.

As a result, elections are often decided by the least informed voters in our country. This is problematic; but must be manipulated in order for Conservatives to win elections. Ronald Reagan, one of the greatest Presidents in American history, was elected with huge majorities, far greater than Obama's, initially because Jimmy Carter was a complete failure and then because Reagan connected emotionally with the American people beyond the Conservative base of the Republican Party.

President Obama obviously connects with the left wing of the Democrat Party and with those that don't have a clue about critical political issues. Obama also connects with the 50% of people in the United States that pay no income taxes at all (his Peeps) because Obama promises them a better life doled out by big government that they apparently cannot provide for themselves. Naturally, those who want something for nothing support Obama. As a socialist, President Obama believe in redistribution of income. Obama wants to take from the 50% of the people that pay income taxes and give to the 50% of the people that pay no income taxes at all in an attempt to stay in power by buying votes. In doing so, Obama makes these people wards of the state which is intentional. This is the new slavery and government is the plantation. Obama wants people dependent on the federal government because it is the basis for big government and Democrat Socialist power.

Naturally, the 50% of the people that pay for everything in the United States will never support Obama and all his socialist schemes like the HealthScare Program, Cap and Tax, the SwindleUS Package and the Trillions of dollars in deficit spending because we know that we will end up paying for all of these schemes. We also know that when Obama bankrupts the United States, which he will surely do, if all of these schemes are enacted, we have the most to lose. If the Trillions in deficit spending continue, the dollar will collapse and interest rates and inflation will go up dramatically. We will see slow GDP growth, if any, and high unemployment. President Obama is pushing the United States toward bankruptcy because it will result in bigger government to deal with the "crisis". Obama and the Democrat Socialist that control Congress see the private sector and a market economy as the problem not the solution. Hence, they are going to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. This is a recipe for national disaster and calamity.

As such, the 50% of us that pay all the income taxes in our country have taken to the streets at many Tea Bag Protests which will continue throughout the Obama Presidency because he is clearly the most divisive, radical President in American history. The "transformational change" Obama speaks of, contrary to the tenets of our Founding Fathers and the US Constitution, is to turn America into a Socialist nation where Americans are encouraged to turn in other Americans for sending out "fishy" emails. Clearly, 40% of the country that is staunchly Conservative and some percentage of the country that are switch hitters are saying, HELL NO, Mr. President. Obama's Big Brother America is not the America we want to leave our children and grandchildren. We have seen Socialism around the world and learned the lessons of history. We read George Orwell's book 1984 and it is not a pretty picture. Socialism is a failed ideology that always leads to a lower standard of living and less freedom. Ironically, Europeans are moving away from Socialism because they now realize that Socialism is evil, just as Obama is pushing our country toward it. So why on earth, would anyone with a brain in the United States support a Socialist system for America when all I have described are true as evidenced by history time and again. The answer is simple. Obama and the Democrat Socialists that control Congress want more power over our lives. These Socialists want to run our daily lives telling us what to buy, what to do and when to do it.

As such, thousands will be in Washington DC and many other cities in the US for the Tea Bag protest on September 12. The nation has not seen protests of this size since the Vietnam War. We will be in Washington DC on September 12 marching down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol Building to participate in this protest. Look for us on TV. We will be holding up the yellow flag used in the Revolutionary War with the snake insignia that says, DON'T TREAD ON ME.

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