Thursday, September 24, 2009

The United Nations - Obama, Dictators and Crooks

The United Nations was founded after World War II in San Francisco. How ironic that the beginnings of the UN happened in the Socialist Republic of San Francisco home to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Barbara Boxer, that left wing dynamic duo from California; but that is another posting. The UN, which is funded primarily by the US as the number one donor, has become nothing more than a meeting place for dictators and crooks. By the way, we give the UN billions of taxpayer dollars each year more than any other country. Why is the US the largest donor, when considering our debt, China is the richest, largest country in population in the world. Again, the US is being taken for a SAP.

Many of the countries represented at the UN from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America are run by corrupt dictators. It is very humorous if not tragic that these countries sit on the Human Rights Commission when they are some of the most extreme violators of human rights in the world within their own countries. As a result, until President Obama, the US has refused to participate on that Commission because of the hypocrisy. Obama recently authorized participation, which says a lot about him, doesn't it.

Personally, I vote for moving the UN out of the United States entirely perhaps to Geneva, Switzerland where there is already a large UN presence; that is if we need the UN at all. Welcoming Dictators to our shores does not make any sense to me. And, all should know that there are left wing loons that want the UN to have global taxing authority to actually tax citizens in "rich" countries. Just imagine if that occurred. The US would have a UN Global Tax, Federal, State and Local Taxes. Our people would be left with nothing when in 39 states with Obama's tax increases the combined tax burden is already at 58%. And, the world's dictators would have access to these UN taxes, which is a really frightening thought.

President Obama gave a speech this week at the UN annual gathering of world "leaders". As usual, Obama apologized for US transgressions and sold out Israel. In so many words, Obama went on to say that the international community can respect the US again because he has been elected President and he is bringing change to America. Many commentators thought the speech was disgraceful. Mr. President, there are many reasons the international community should respect America that have nothing at all to do with you. I know that President Obama believes that the sun never came up before his Presidency; but honestly Mr. President, the United States has a long history we can all be proud of contrary to the First Lady's statement that she is finally proud of the US because Obama was elected President. How ludicrous!

In fact, Mr. President, the international community should respect the United States because we have the longest running Constitution in the world committed to freedom and justice. And, we are a nation committed to the rule of law; at least that was the case before this Socialist President was elected. As a Capitalist country, we have built the greatest country in the history of the world. We have welcomed people to our nation from perhaps every country in the world and they have prospered. Our people have committed blood, sweat and tears to defending liberty all over the world and ending Fascism and Communism. We are also the largest donor nation in the world helping the poor in many countries and it is the US that always comes to the rescue when ever there is a natural disaster any where in the world. This all occurred long before the Obama Presidency.

President Obama wrote a book called the Audacity of Hope. It really should have been called the Audacity of Barack Obama. How dare this President imply that the international community can now respect the United States because of his election. I really do think that Obama is starved for love and attention because he was abandoned by his parents. As a result, Obama is a dangerous egomaniac; that is for sure. Where Ronald Reagan always used the pronoun "WE", Obama always uses the pronoun "I" which says alot about both men, doesn't it? Obama appears to believe he is the savior of mankind. Obama may not realize that we already have a Savior far more significant in history than this young, inexperienced President. How dare Obama apologize for our great nation when we have endured so much to guarantee freedom for millions. The United States is a beacon of hope, which might just be the reason so many are willing to risk everything to come to our country. President Obama many of us are ashamed of you as our leader because you continue to demonstrate that you do not respect the United States that we love and that our people have built. It is so clear that your view and vision for America is not our view and vision for America. We see a great and giving nation. Obama sees a nation that has caused all the problems in the world.

Nothing is more troubling about President Obama than his continuous slander against the United States. It may play to corrupt dictators; but it does not play in Peoria. While Obama's Socialist schemes are a clear and present danger to our nation, watching Obama on TV give speeches that are contrary to the interests of the United States is very troubling. Over and again, it appears that this President is intentionally trying to destroy our country. Obama may be the Manchurian Candidate. I don't want to believe that of any President; but bankrupting the nation and continuing to act in ways unbecoming a President of the United States is just heart breaking not to mention freightening. As a result, we must work to make sure that Obama is a one term President just like his friend Jimmy Carter.

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