Thursday, September 17, 2009

President Obama - Jimmy Carter's Second Term

President Obama is starting to look more and more like failed President Jimmy Carter. In fact, it just may be that Obama is serving Carter's second term since Carter was a one term President. To refresh memories, Carter was elected in November, 1976. He barely beat Gerald Ford who became President after the Nixon resignation. During the Carter years, we had very high inflation, unemployment, gas lines and the Iranian Hostage crisis. There was malaise in America. Carter was a weakling perceived by all in the world as an incompetent President. Jimmy Carter was so bad that he was even challenged for the nomination by none other than Teddy Kennedy in 1980. While Carter got the nomination for a second term, Jimmy Carter was thankfully defeated in a landslide victory by Ronald Reagan in the election of November, 1980. Jimmy Carter was a complete failure as President and continues to be a thorn in our side even today.

While I have written about Obama's socialist schemes related to the HealthScare Plan, CAP and TAX, the SwindleUS Package, Bail Outs and deficit spending, we should not forget about the direction Obama is taking the United States in foreign policy. Obama announced that he would not implement the Bush Plan for the missile defense of Europe that was designed to protect Europe from Iranian nuclear armed missiles. Obama caved on this issue because the Russians objected to having these missiles in Poland and the Czech Republic even though they were not aimed at Russia. Obama plans on negotiating with the Iranians and North Koreans concerning their nuclear weapons. Obama is not a staunch supporter of Israel, which is going to cause Israel to attack Iran to end the nuclear threat. Obama plans to sign away our rights related to global warming, which will cause enormous job loss in the United States without making a dent in green house gases because both China and India, major polluters, refuse to agree to the same restrictions. The Obama Administration has stopped using the word "Terrorists" to refer to Islamic extremists and suicide bombers that are intent on murdering our citizens. Obama and the Socialist Congress have authorized $20 million to relocate members of Hamas to the United States. What is that all about? On September 20th, there is a plan to fly the Communist Chinese flag over the White House to honor the Chinese government's 60th anniversary. Finally, President Obama is intent on closing Guantanamo Bay Prison, which works as good as any, off our soil, to house Terrorists. What is the point of bringing these Terrorists to the United States where they will have the legal rights of an American citizen.

Gosh, it really is feeling like Carter's second term, isn't it. When Ronald Reagan was elected President in 1980, he faced a real mess left behind by Carter. Reagan restored our military and image around the world. On the day Reagan was inaugurated as President, the American hostages were released in Iran because the Iranians knew very well that their country would be invaded if release was not immediate. Ronald Reagan cut taxes to restore our economy and end unemployment. Inflation was brought under control. We finally had morning in America. What all of this tells us is that we must work to make President Obama a one term President just like Jimmy Carter. It won't be too hard because sadly Obama and the Democrat Socialists that control Congress will make the same mess of America that we suffered under Jimmy Carter. Unfortunately, maybe it takes a Jimmy Carter every once in a while to remind the American people that Socialism and an America that is not committed to Peace through Strength ends in disaster. We may have to suffer Obama for four years to take our country back for another generation. Some good may come out of the Obama disaster after all.

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