Friday, September 25, 2009

Terrorists, Iran and Israel

This week the FBI foiled several Terrorists plots in the United States designed to murder thousands of Americans on our shores. Thankfully, the Homeland Security Agency that President Bush put in place is working and working well. This is happening at the same time that the Obama Administration has declared war on the CIA, our nation's intelligence gathering agency. Obama's Attorney General wants to prosecute CIA officers that have done their jobs well in protecting our country. What is wrong with this picture?

President Obama and his people have stopped using the word Terrorist to "describe" Islamic Fascist members of Al Queda and perhaps others who want to commit the mass murder of Americans. They are at war with us so shouldn't we be at war with them? So, Mr. President, what should we call them? I really would like to know what to call people who want to murder thousands of innocent Americans by committing acts of incredible violence. Yes, they are murderers; but they cannot be compared to a murderer that kills one or two people. That is surely bad enough; but when the plot is to kill thousands of people, we must designate these people as Terrorists and/or come up with some other name that properly describes the criminal and the crime.

These Terrorists are Islamic Fascists that want to impose their faith and their backward ideology on all peoples. And, though I do not believe that all Muslems are Terrorists, it is pretty clear that some do fit the description. And, which country is the biggest sponsor of Terrorists in the world? None other than Iran that is currently attempting to build nuclear weapons according to the intelligence agencies of the US, France and Britain. Western countries have been trying for years to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons. Our young, inexperienced and perhaps naive President Obama has scheduled negotiations with Iran to talk again in October as though talks have not been going on for years. Ok, Mr. President go at it. See what you can do. Perhaps since Obama has Muslim roots, he can do what other Administrations and governments have failed to do. It is worth a try; but I would not hold my breath because I understand the history of the region.

Again, history is our best teacher. The Iranians are Persians not Arabs and they were once a great empire until they were defeated by Alexander the Great from Greece. They have not forgotten that humiliation. They long to be a great empire again dominating the Middle East as they once did. Iranians are Shia Muslims not Sunni Muslims like most of the rest of the Arab world. And, though Iraq is predominantly Shia, Saddam Hussein who waged brutal war against Iran and his own people was a Sunni Muslim. Shia's and Sunni's (that emanate from different roots) sort of hate each other kind of like the Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland. So in addition to Iran's hatred of Israel, they are not too fond of Arab Sunni's either. While this is no justification for allowing them to develop nuclear weapons, which would destabilize the entire Middle East, it helps to know their reasoning if it is to be countered.

However, odds are pretty good that Iran is sponsoring Terrorism all over the world including in the United States. And, we know that they are providing weapons to the Taliban in Afghanistan. Iran is therefore our enemy and Obama better realize that he is dealing with a regime that is part of the evil empire. So, the Iranians will do anything possible to stall until they get the bomb as they have done for years. Unless President Obama is prepared to destroy those Iranian nuclear installations (which seems unlikely given his weak and naive persona) and soon, there is another alternative that always worked during the Cold War and it is called DETERRENCE.

Iran is supporting HAMAS in Palestine, therefore Iran is Israel's mortal enemy. If Obama fails in his negotiations with Iran, which is likely to happen, Israel will not stand by and watch as Iran develops nuclear weapons. One way or another,the Israeli's will take action which could include using the nuclear weapons that many believe they have developed. So perhaps, the best approach is Deterrence. So instead of throwing Israel under the bus as Obama did this week, unless Obama is prepared to take out those Iranian nuclear installations, we should provide Israel with serious missile defense and two nuclear armed submarines. While the Iranians often seem totally irrational; just maybe if they clearly knew that any nuclear strike on Israel would result in their total destruction, it would prevent them from pushing the button. I know, I know, we want less nuclear proliferation; but what the heck are the alternatives. If Iran gains nuclear weapons it will shift the whole balance of power in the Middle East. Sunni Arabs in Saudi Arabia and Egypt may then feel that they need nuclear weapons. Obviously, Iran must be prevented from gaining nuclear weapons; however, if the West fails to stop it from happening then we need a Plan B which Obama should put on the table NOW. Remember, Peace through Strength is what keeps the peace.

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