Wednesday, September 16, 2009

President Jimmy Carter - There He Goes Again

President Jimmy Carter, the worst President in American history, along with other left wing Democrat Socialists are accusing those of us who oppose President Obama's socialist schemes of being Racists. Why not? We have been called Terrorists, Astro Turf, Right Wing Extremists, Fanatics, Members of a Mob and now Racists. The fact is that the millions of people in the United States that oppose Obama's HeathScare Plan, SwindleUS Package, CAP and TAX Plan, Bail Outs, Communist appointments, ACORN and unprecedented deficit spending that will bankrupt our country are true patriots. In fact, the only thing many of us like about President Obama is that he is a smart, though misdirected, well educated, African American, self made man who achieved the American dream. It is wonderful that an African American has been elected to the highest office in the land because it finally says that race is no barrier to success for someone or anyone that has focus, passion, discipline, good genes and a great education.

Dear Left Wing Liberal Socialists, please get it through your heads that we just don't agree with President Obama because we have learned the lessons of history. It does not matter that Obama happens to be half Black. Obama is after all half White as well.
So in opposing Obama are we really just half racist? This is ridiculous. The real issue is that Socialism has not worked to benefit any society or any people where it has been practiced. Socialism has led to slow growth, high unemployment and a lower standard of living than exists in capitalist countries. History is history. These are facts not a figment of some one's imagination. We also know that if Obama's unprecedented deficit spending continues, it will further bankrupt the United States and lead to the economic collapse of our country. Our soldiers are fighting for our freedom overseas. It is our job to fight for our country within the United States. Obama's vision for America is just not our vision. It really is that simple. We are standing up to JUST SAY NO to Socialism. It is not the country I want to leave our sons and eventual grandchildren. Further, Obama is not telling the truth about the HealthScare Plan. Millions of people will lose their current private health insurance and be forced into the government scheme one way or another under Obama's Plan. There will be rationed care especially for seniors if HealthScare is enacted.

And, President Obama has drawn the wrong conclusions from the current economic crisis because he is the most anti-business President ever elected. While we may need additional regulations to manage the financial services industry, if Obama goes too far, he will kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Don't forget our capitalist system has built the greatest country with the highest standard of living in the history of the world. Capitalism may involve boom and bust cycles that are some times painful; but it is better than the alternative of poverty and lack of freedom that exists in Socialist countries.

President Jimmy Carter was a horrible President that brought malaise to the United States. I lived through the Carter years and they were not fun. Thank God for President Ronald Reagan, who was elected by a landslide after the failed one term Carter Presidency. Reagan restored the image of the United States and our military, brought us years of prosperity by cutting taxes, brought down the Berlin Wall and Communism, ended the cold war through strength and ultimately brought us Morning in America. Jimmy, please go back to Plains and mind your own business. When ever you resurface and open your big mouth, it just reminds us of your failed Presidency which is a miserable time in history we really want to forget.

Even President Obama's Administration is not playing the race card because it is just plain dumb. The protests in the streets are about serious policy and philosophical differences. We believe in capitalism and limited government. The President is a Socialist who believes in redistribution of income to take from the 50% of people who pay income taxes and give to the 50% of people who pay no income taxes at all. As such, Racism is not a factor in our opposition to President Obama at all. Jimmy Carter and other left wing Socialists who believe otherwise are living in another era. This is not Back to the Future. Those days are thankfully long gone.

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