Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Two Faces of President Barack Obama

Either President Obama has a split personality or he is the most two faced President in a very long time. During the campaign and early in his administration, President Obama said he had no interest in looking backward related to allegations against the CIA. The next thing we know, he allows Attorney General Holder to conduct a witch hunt at the CIA investigating the very same charges that were investigated by both the CIA and the Bush Justice Department. Seven former CIA Directors, that served under both Democrat and Republican Presidents, sent Obama a letter asking him to stop this redundant investigation because it had already taken place and for the most part CIA officers were exonerated. Even Leon Panetta, the current CIA Director asked Obama to call off Holder because of national security issues and the destruction of morale at the CIA. But, even though the one face of Obama said he had no interest in looking backward, the other face of Obama is allowing left wing Holder to go forward placing these career CIA officers in double jeopardy which is prohibited by the US Constitution. And, what CIA officer is going to do what is necessary to protect our country from Terrorists if they chance investigation and potentially jail for doing their jobs.

Next, candidate Obama and early administration Obama said we were in Afghanistan because it was the "good war" and we had to defeat Al Queda there without question what ever it takes. Fast forward a few months to August 30. The American General running the war in Afghanistan wanted to submit his report asking for 40,000 more troops to prevent catastrophe and a loss to the Taliban. Apparently, Obama asked the General not to submit the report; though it has been leaked to the Washington Post. The other face of Obama now says that we need a strategy even though he declared we had a new strategy last spring. So, which face of Obama are we to believe. The Obama that said we have to do whatever it takes to win in Afghanistan or the Obama that is being led around by the nose by the left wing Democrat Socialists of his own party that want us to pull out of Afghanistan no matter the consequences.

Obama originally said his HealthScare Plan had to have a public option. That was until all the rage at the Tea Bag Protests. So now a public option thankfully is not so important. It really is hard to know which face of Obama to believe. Just wait around a few weeks and the other face will appear. And, a few weeks ago the Obama Administration was trying to coerce or convince members of the National Endowment of the Arts, which is federally funded, to produce art (or propaganda) in support of Obama's Socialist schemes. Obama got caught doing this so just today the administration has pulled back from this scheme because of the furor that it has caused.

This would be funny if it were not so dangerous specific to foreign affairs. Obama will be perceived as a weak indecisive President if this keeps up. Israel will be forced to attack Iran to eliminate their potential nuclear weapons because they will lose trust in Obama to deal with the issue. The North Koreans will not be serious about ending their nuclear program. And, Al Queda and other Terrorists that want to murder Americans like the people arrested in New York and Colorado this week will just wait us out until Obama surrenders our interests.

There was a movie called the Two Faces of Eve about a woman with multiple personalities; kind of like Sybil. If there is ever a sequel it could be entitled the Two Faces of Barack because obviously this President bends with the wind. No matter what anyone thought of Ronald Reagan, he had convictions and he stuck to them; hence he was one of our greatest Presidents. Of course, the jury is not in on President Obama; but it is not looking to good right now. This could end up being a tale of two Presidents.

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