Sunday, September 20, 2009

ACORN - Time for Federal Investigation

ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) has come under increased scrutiny because of various illegal activities. ACORN is under investigation in various states for voter fraud. ACORN has in fact been convicted of criminal activity for voter fraud. ACORN, founded in Arkansas in 1970, is a tangled web of organizations that are nothing more than the street fighter wing of the Democrat Socialist Party. It is important to note that their original founder had to leave ACORN for embezzling money from the organization. It should also be noted that President Obama was instrumental in the development of ACORN during his community organizer days. These are Obama's Peeps. ACORN is currently based in 41 states plus the District of Columbia. There are 1,200 neighborhood chapters in 75 cities. Their CEO, Bertha Lewis claims that they have 500,000 "members" whatever that means. ACORN says that they have been responsible for getting $15 billion to their members in the last ten years. They also claim that they have registered 1.7 million voters, most of whom if they voted at all all, no doubt voted for Barack Obama in the last Presidential election. Surprise, Surprise.

The only problem with this picture is that the federal government is funding ACORN, a Democrat Socialist front corrupt organization. Republican Congressman Darryl Issa of California reports that ACORN has received $53 million in recent years; though he did not specify the time period. ACORN's CEO will not agree to open up the books because she knows very well that corruption is evident. ACORN is a non-profit organization that pays corporate income taxes, which is very odd. Apparently, ACORN has a unique tax status. So, our tax dollars are being used to fund a corrupt Democrat Socialist front organization. We all should be enraged that our tax dollars are going to fund ACORN, an organization that has been accused and convicted of crimes.

ACORN is actually several organizations all in place to gain power and money for their "members"; Obama's Peeps. ACORN Institute focuses on training. ACORN Housing Corporation assist first time buyers with buying homes. ACORN was instrumental in demanding that people that could not qualify for mortgages under normal procedures be given loans; hence the sub prime mess and foreclosures that have made a mess of our economy. The Living Wage Center fights for higher wages. ACORN Law of the Web assists with social change. ACORN owns two radio stations to advance its ideology in Arkansas and Texas. Project Vote is in place to increase voter engagement to support Democrat Socialist schemes. Site Fighter deals with the "Big Box Crisis" to fight companies like Wal Mart. There is the Social Policy Quarterly Journal to spread the ACORN ideology.

ACORN supports a variety of Democrat Socialist schemes related to Affordable Housing, Better Schools, Fair Housing, Foreclosures, Gulf Coast Recovery, Health Care, Immigration, Living Wage, Paid Sick Days, Predatory Lending, Utilities and Voter Engagement. This is President Obama's Socialist play book. The goal is to redistribute income from the 50% of people who pay income taxes to the 50% of people who pay no taxes at all to fund all of these Socialist schemes. Let their be no doubt, ACORN is well organized and part of the Democrat Socialist scheme to bring "change" to America. The change they speak of will bring bigger government, less freedom and a lower standard of living for all in the United States.

It is time for a major federal investigation of ACORN. As a result of the recent prostitute scam all over the news, the federal government announced that ACORN would not be used to conduct the Census in 2010. That is a relief since these people are accused of fraud related to voter registration in several states. But, ACORN is still getting Federal money which as yet has not been curtailed. One can only imagine the games that would have been played with the Census. Now even some Democrats are starting to get queasy about ACORN. President Obama, who claims he knows nothing of ACORN's dealings, has even said that an investigation is appropriate. How can President Obama know nothing of ACORN when he was involved in their development? Remember, President Obama never heard the Reverend Wright's racist rantings either in the 20 years he sat in those pews. And President Obama is not telling the truth about his HealthScare Plan. As such, we must question President Obama related to everything he says because he is not real good when it comes to telling the truth.

So now lets see if the Democrat Socialist controlled Congress orders an investigation. My guess is that they may go through the motions; but not seriously investigate ACORN because it will lead right to high level Democrat Socialists. There is a lot rotten in Washington and ACORN is pretty stinky. If things get too hot, Obama will throw ACORN under the bus like he did the Reverend Wright and Van Jones. In this case, driving the bus over ACORN would be a very good thing for our country. ACORN is a classic example of good intentions gone very bad.

P.S. Information about ACORN in this posting comes directly from their web site.

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