Sunday, September 6, 2009

President Obama's Radical CommiCZARS

President Obama is the most radical, left wing President ever elected in the United States. As a Socialist, Obama makes Franklin Roosevelt look like Barry Goldwater. So why is anyone surprised that President Obama would appoint more than 30 CommiCZARS, some of whom are radical extremists. Van Jones, the Green CommiCZAR was just forced to resign because it turns out he was an avowed Communist and racist who blames Whites for every evil in the world. Jones stated that White Environmentalist were poisoning the inner city. And, that only Whites could implement a Columbine mass murder in a school because black kids would never go into a school and murder other black kids. Of course, that may be because the
Black gang members that regularly murder other Black adults and kids don't go to school. Apparently, the final straw was that Jones was a Truther who believed that President Bush and the US government actually planned and implemented 9/11 killing more than three thousand Americans which is absurd.

As a former teacher, it is hard for me to understand how Van Jones, a Yale law school graduate and very smart man, could be so poorly educated and misguided. By the way, Mr. Jones, it was Blacks in Africa that sold other Blacks into slavery. And, it has also been Blacks in Africa that have murdered millions of other Blacks in tribal warfare. So, while White Nazi's and Soviet Communist have murdered millions, Blacks too are capable of evil. Chinese, Turks, North Korean Communist and the Japanese during World War II have also murdered millions of people. Sadly, the point is that evil is color blind. In any case, even though the Obama Administration aggressively recruited Van Jones, he became too controversial, so like the Reverend Wright, President Obama threw him under the bus and forced Jones to resign.

The bigger issue is the appointment of CommiCZARS. Obama, like no other President, has appointed more than 30 CommiCZARS that mirror the official Cabinet. In doing so, the President has done an end run around the US Constitution and the Congressional approval and oversight process. President Obama has in essence created a Politburo shadow government much the same as exists in Communist Countries. Even that old Democrat dinosaur, Senator Robert Byrd, of West Virginia, the longest serving Democrat in the US Senate has raised Constitutional questions about the appointment of these CommiCZARS because the US Constitution only authorizes Cabinet posts to manage the business of the United States. But obviously, President Obama and even Mrs. Obama have chosen to ignore the US Constitution. In a typical example of Chicago patronage, the President and First Lady have appointed more than 30 CommiCZARS and 20 staffers and cronies to support the First Lady. This is unprecedented. Aside from the cost of all these high level government employees, it is very clear that the intent is to bring the management of the government into the White House out of public sight and Congressional over sight. This is actually a violation of the checks and balances that are so important to limiting the power of the Executive Branch.

President Obama even wants to manage the Census next year from the White House using Obama's ACORN foot soldiers to count Americans or maybe intimidate them rather than have the Cabinet Department normally in charge of the Census manage the process. The question is why? The answer is simple. President Obama wants to count illegal aliens in the Census which would result in more US House Seats going to Democrats. Of course, one would think that if a government employee, even one on ACORN's payroll paid for by the government, encountered an illegal alien, rather than count the person, the illegal alien would be turned over to the Immigration and Naturalization Services so the illegal alien could be deported; but that is not how it works in Obama's America.

President Obama once said "judge me by the people I have as my advisers". Well Mr. President, Van Jones and some of the other CommisCZARS you have appointed are radical extremist Communists and environmental wackos. Your Science CommiCZAR once wrote that forced abortion and sterilization should be used for population control. Dr. Emmanuel, one of the advisers you have consulted with related to your HealthScare Program supports rationing of medical services by denying services to the very young and the very old. So, Mr. President, we are judging you by the company you keep. Your appointments speak much louder than those lofty speeches you like to give every other day.

Most important, President Obama is subverting the United States Constitution by the appointment of all these CommiCZARS; but then I don't think the President cares about that one bit. After all, this is the President who asked Americans to turn in other Americans for sending out "fishy" e-mails in opposition to the President's Socialist schemes. So what, if freedom of speech is protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution? It is pretty clear that President Obama sees the Constitution as nothing more than a set of loose guidelines not the supreme law of the land.

P.S. It has been reported that President Obama plans to fly the Chinese Communist Flag over the White House on September 20 to honor the 60th anniversary of the regime. What is that all about? As old Senator Sam Irvin once said "whose bread you eat, whose song you sing".

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