Sunday, September 13, 2009

CAP and TAX - Obama's Job Killer Legislation

President Obama and the Democrat Socialists that control the US Congress, to appease environmental wackos, are going to pass CAP and TAX, the job killer bill. CAP and TAX will raise utility and other energy costs for the average family of four by $3,000 or more a year because energy, which will be more costly as a result of this law, is used to produce all goods and services. That is bad enough. But, raising taxes on energy like all taxes will take more money from the private sector, which will lead to massive job losses in the United States. Instead of enacting laws that reflect a sensible energy policy and current technology, CAP and TAX reflects bad science and will do little to impact global warming because China and India refuse to abide by these laws. In fact, CAP and TAX will push more jobs outside the United States to guess where, China and India.

We need sensible energy policy that maximizes the use of clean coal, oil, nuclear and natural gas produced in the United States, which would create millions of jobs in the US, as a bridge to the energy sources of the future. This can be done with strict environmental regulations. Most important, Obama's plans to subsidize wind, solar and bio fuels, that are not yet economically feasible, just means more bail out money going to big companies at tax payer expense. While this technology will advance in the next twenty years, it is just not there today. The US needs to become energy independent and it is possible using current energy sources. It is not possible today using wind, solar or bio fuels.

We need a common sense energy policy that is a 50 year plan. If we allow the Democrat Socialists to pass CAP and TAX, we will be limiting the growth of the United States. We will see major job losses, continued unemployment and a lower standard of living in the US. As usual, the Democrat Socialists do not understand the law of unintended consequences. Obama is actually hurting his Peeps, union and blue collar workers who will lose their manufacturing jobs as a result of CAP and TAX. Those jobs have been going overseas for years anyway because of bad government policy. CAP and TAX will push many more manufacturing jobs overseas.

President Obama and the Democrat Socialists that control Congress live in a dream world where there are no terrorists and every other country plays by the rules. Since China and India have said they will not go along with these extreme environmental regulations, the United States would be committing national suicide if it enacts CAP and TAX. It is time for Americans to JUST SAY NO to our elected representatives. We need a common sense energy policy not CAP and TAX.

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