Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Senior Citizens - Medicare Cuts Are Coming

If President Obama's HealthScare Plan is enacted into law, Senior Citizens will see major cuts in Medicare. In fact, Obama is asking for $600 Billion in cuts to Medicare including elimination of Medicare Advantage, the program that allows Seniors to opt for private insurance HMO's instead of regular Medicare. If Medicare Advantage is eliminated, 10.2 million senior citizens, 22% of all people eligible for Medicare will lose their private insurance. Obama claims that insurance companies are getting $170 Billion subsidy as a result of Medicare Advantage. Mr. President, it is not a subsidy, it is the premiums the government is paying to buy this HMO insurance coverage for Seniors. To make matters worse,the Obama Administration and the Democrat Socialists that control Congress are trying to prohibit insurance companies from advising their customers of this information. What ever happened to the First Amendment in the US Constitution providing for free speech. I guess it went away the day Obama was sworn in as President.

If Medicare Advantage is eliminated Seniors will then be forced to participate in regular Medicare which does not provide the same level of benefits. And, to get the same level of benefits many Seniors have now through Medicare Advantage, they would have to buy Medigap policies from organizations like AARP, that supports Obama's HealthScare scheme, because they stand to make hundreds of millions of dollars in insurance commissions if Medicare Advantage is eliminated. AARP, that is supposed to represent Senior citizen's interests has sold them out to make money plain and simple. The only problem is that many of these 10.2 million Seniors chose the HMO option, in the first place because they could not afford the $200 - $300 a month for a Medigap policy.

So, when President Obama says no one will lose his or her health insurance if his plan is enacted, he is LYING plain and simple. Based on some of the comments I have heard on TV made by Democrat Socialist politicians, it is pretty clear that they either do not understand how these programs work and/or they are lying too. And, cutting Medicare benefits in general will lead to rationing. It is highly doubtful that my 89 year old mom would have been permitted hip surgery at 87 years old. She would have been sent home on pain pills never to walk again. Fortunately that was not the case and she is still living a very nice, active life as a result of the successful surgery. As it is now, many doctors will not take Medicare patients because the government payments are so low. It is impossible to add 30 or 40 million more insured people in the United States without rationing, the same way it occurs in other countries that have universal health care. And, it is impossible to cut $600 Billion out of Medicare without cutting benefits to Senior Citizens. Cards talk and numbers don't lie; but unfortunately some politicians do lie. Even the Congressional Budget Office run by Democrats has confirmed that there will be cuts to Medicare benefits under Obama's HealthScare Plan.

There are several versions of ObamaCare floating around Congress so no one knows for sure what a final bill will look like. All of the versions have tax increases of one sort or another. All of the bills will lead to rationing. All of the versions will cause a unprecedented power grab by the federal government. Rather than real health care reform, which is needed, Obama's HealthScare Plan is really about the Socialist expansion of the federal government and many more petty bureaucrats involved in our lives. It will be BIG BROTHER making health care decisions for us. And, Obama's HealthScare Plan will bankrupt the United States. Though it is hard to get through because the phone lines are jammed, call your elected representatives and JUST SAY NO to Obama's HealthScare Plan.

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