Friday, September 4, 2009

President Obama - Propagandist in Chief

President Obama is like eating candy. If you eat candy every once in a while, it can be an enjoyable experience. But if you are forced to eat candy 10 times a day for nine months, it is going to make you very sick. We have seen more of President Obama since his inauguration than any President in American history. Now we know what George Orwell was talking about in his book 1984. Obama is BIG BROTHER and it is starting to freak me out. And, for the 50% of us that never did support Obama and perhaps for even some of his supporters, enough is enough. Mr. President, you won the election. The campaign is over. And though it is easier to run for President than to be the President, now it is time for you to stay in the oval office and govern rather than talk and talk and talk about governing in lofty speeches that are just a bunch of hot air diminishing the office of the Presidency. You bought the store so now you have to manage it. Take a lesson from Ronald Reagan's play book. Reagan was the supreme Communicator in Chief who knew how and when to use the media to positive effect. We did not see President Reagan on TV every day; but rather when it was really important for him to communicate with the American people, which had so much more impact.

President Obama is planning another speech to a joint session of Congress to pitch his HealthScare Program. Mr. President, we have heard all we need to hear about your socialist HealthScare scheme. Now you need to hear us. We don't like it. And, we don't want it. So you need to have all the players at the table in the White House to craft a bi- partisan bill that will appeal to all the people; not just San Francisco left wing Democrat Socialists. Real Health Care Reform; should have the following features:

1. Outlaw discrimination based on pre-existing conditions;
2. Allow for buying insurance across states lines to foster more competition;
3. Encourage more Medicare Advantage usage by senior citizens to get them into private insurance HMO's to control cost rather than eliminate that program and force 10.2 million seniors, or 22%, now choosing Medicare Advantage private insurance, to give up their current plans as proposed in your HealthScare Program. This will actually save the government money in the long run.
4. Provide subsidies to low income people to buy private insurance if they don't already get it through their employer. You can pay for this with a tax on junk food, liquor and tabacco which will kill two birds with one stone. We are all too fat and/or have other bad habits. Making these items a bit more expensive might be a good thing for all concerned.
5. Charge those that can afford to buy insurance; but choose not to do so, and that don't get it through an employer, the 2.5% of income penalty that is in the HealthScare bill and give them Medicaid if they don't buy insurance.
6. Mandate that all companies with 100 employees or more at least provide catastrophic care insurance paying at least 50% of the premium. These companies can offer better plans at employee or employer expense if they can afford to do so.
7. Allow people between jobs to access Medicaid until they get employment thereby eliminating the Cobra program that is now in effect. The junk food/liquor/tabacco tax can be used to pay for this too.
8. Provide for government re-insurance so that insurance companies limit of liability in any given year for an individual is $500,000. This will bring insurance premiums down. It could be funded by creating an FDIC like government insurance program that is paid for by a surcharge of a 1% or 2% on insurance companies the same way banks now pay to insure deposits. This provision will also eliminate the need for life time caps.
9. Allow illegal aliens access to emergency care only.
10. Implement Tort Reform limiting malpractice liability awards to actual damages capped at $500,000. Include a provision that says the loser pays the legal fees to end bogus lawsuits. This will bring down the cost of medical services dramatically by bringing down the cost of malpractice insurance.

Ok, I provided for real Health Care Reform that we can all support without creating a big government socialist bureaucracy and Trillions of dollars of deficit spending. I think I covered everyone in the United States one way or another and I funded the program. All of these features can be written into a 20 page bill that we all can understand rather than 1008 pages that no one in Congress has read. If the goal is real Health Care reform rather than income redistribution designed to take money from the 50% of people who pay income taxes and give it to the 50% who pay no income taxes at all, (Obama's Peeps) then the plan I have outlined does the job.

Finally, stop with all the BIG BROTHER propaganda and name calling of your opponants. We don't need e-mail blasts going out from the White House. We certainly don't need the President of the United States attempting to use children as part of his ACORN army. The proposed "speech" to our nation's school children complete with a recommended lesson plan on how kids can help the President was really inappropriate. President Obama please stop acting like the Propagandist in Chief and start acting like the Commander in Chief. I know you were abandoned by your parents and you are seeking love and approval; but it is time to be the President of the United States not a rock star constantly starved for attention and adoration from your groupies. For now Mr. President, don't call us and we won't call you.

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