Thursday, October 1, 2009

Afganistan and the Olympics

This week President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama made a major "sacrifice" to fly separately one day apart at tax payer expense to Copenhagen, Denmark to pitch Chicago for the summer Olympics in 2016. They were joined by Chicago resident Oprah Winfrey. Well isn't that nice. In the mean time, the American General McChrystal in charge of the war in Afghanistan was told to slow down his report asking for 40,000 more troops to insure that our country is not defeated in Afghanistan so that President Obama can devise a new "strategy" presumably different from the one Obama announced last spring.

So while American soldiers are dying in Afghanistan, President Obama and the First Lady are having a great time in Denmark making a case for hosting the Olympics in Chicago. Hello, the President obviously has a priority problem. When oh when is this President going to get out of campaign mode and start acting like the President of the United States. Nothing is more important than our national security. In the last week, the FBI foiled a number of Terrorist (and Yes they are Terrorist) plots in the United States that would have resulted in the murder of thousands of innocent Americans. Yet our President is in Denmark pitching Chicago for the Olympics.

Mr. President, do you understand that your primary responsibility is to serve as Commander and Chief; not the Campaigner and Chief. Every day Obama dithers over a decision related to Afghanistan, he is putting American soldier's lives at stake. And, oh by the way, it has been reported that Obama has not talked directly to the American General McChrystal, that he appointed to execute the war in Afghanistan, in more than 70 days. We can be sure that President Obama has had numerous discussions with his CommiCZARS in this same time period; but not with the General in charge of the war in Afghanistan. There is something very wrong with this entire picture.

It would be nice if Chicago secures the Olympics in 2016; though if it happens it will be at the expense of the Reno/Lake Tahoe bid for the winter Olympics in 2018 that Senator Harry Reid of Nevada should be pitching. Perhaps, it warranted a trip by Vice President, Joe Biden as more appropriate since he doesn't have much to do anyway; but for Obama to waste his time in Denmark while we are at war and Americans are dying in Afghanistan is just plain disgraceful.

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