Thursday, October 8, 2009

Senator Harry Reid & The Nuclear Option

Democrat Socialist Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Majority Leader of the US Senate is planning to use reconciliation, often called the Nuclear Option, to cram Obama's HealthScare Plan down the throats of the American people. There will be no debate or additional amendments. Senator Reid will just attach this monstrosity to another bill requiring only 51 votes for passage rather than the 60 votes normally needed in the Senate for important issues. So Senator Reid will use the Nuclear Option because he is afraid he may not have the 60 votes to pass HealthScare. And, he will do this in spite of the fact that 57% of the American people and 84% of seniors oppose Healthscare. Senator Reid and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi just don't care about the opinions of the American people. The Democrat Socialists that control Congress and President Obama are so intent on growing the federal government and bankrupting the United States that nothing else seems to matter.

The Congressional Budget office claims that the Senate version of HealthScare will cost $829 Billion over ten years. They even claim that spending more will reduce the deficit by $81 Billion in the same time period. This money will come from cuts to Medicare, higher taxes for all and higher premiums. However, anyone who believes these are is the real number is smoking medical marijuana. Medicare, which is bankrupt, cost 9 times more than originally projected in 1965 when it was enacted. Social Security, Medicaid, Amtrac,the Post Office and the FDIC are all bankrupt. The Federal Reserve is printing money to buy Treasury Bills a few days after they have been sold because the US is trying to sell so much debt that there are not enough takers in the marketplace. This is an ominous sign. The value of the dollar continues to fall against other currencies because the trillion of dollars of Obama debt are just not sustainable. This is another ominous sign.

So Senator Reid, when ever you come home to Nevada, that don't have the guts to do, we will have the tar, feathers and pitch forks waiting for you. In the old West, scoundrels like Reid would have been hanged for less. The best we can do is deal with Senator Harry Reid at the ballot box in November, 2010; though a jail term for bankrupting our country would seem appropriate as well. We are going to show Senator Reid and others like him that when they ignore the will of the American people, eventually the American people will rise up and make our voices heard loud and clear. Senator Harry Reid is completely out of touch with the people of Nevada. Our state has 12% unemployment and the highest foreclosure rate in the country. Senator Harry Reid pushed through Obama's SwindleUS Plan which has been a complete failure. And now Reid is going to push through big government Socialist HealthScare, which we don't want and we don't need. Senator Reid, you can run and you can hide; but we will find you in November, 2010 and send you back to Search Light. We just can't wait for the day to come.

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