Saturday, October 3, 2009

CAP and TAX - Energy Rationing is Coming

Democrat Socialist Congressman Henry Waxman of California and Ed Markey of Massachusetts sponsored Waxman-Markey the CAP and TAX Bill that has passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 219 to 211. Now CAP and TAX will go over to Senator Harry Reid, the Democrat Socialist Majority Leader of the US Senate and he will cram it through the Senate for a vote and on to President Obama's desk for signature. This new law will punitively tax America's electric utilities (and therefore our people) that rely on energy sources now contributing 90% of our current electricity. Today our electricity comes from Coal, 48.5%, Natural Gas, 21.3%, Nuclear, 19.6%, Hydroelectric, 6%, Other renewables, 2.5%, Petroleum 1.1% and other 0.5%. And, it is impossible to replace these carbon based fuels any time soon because the technology is just not there and won't be there for 20 years or more.

So rather than develop a common sense long term energy policy and plan that recognises the need to use carbon based fuels as a bridge to the future, President Obama and the Democrat Socialists that control Congress are going to further destroy our economy by passing CAP and TAX, which will not only be a job killer bill, it will raise the cost of energy for the average family of four by $3,000 or more and that is in today's dollars not the inflated dollars that are coming soon.

Oddly, though Global Warming may be happening because of normal climatic cycles that have occurred on earth for millions of years, or because of carbon emissions, (know one really knows for sure), scientists are now saying that we will have global cooling for the next decade or two. As such, the environmental wackos now fear that as a result of this cooling trend, it will be more difficult to enact punitive plans like CAP and TAX. Well HELLO!

It is time for a common sense approach to energy. Yes, we should move away from carbon sources that put pollutants into the air; but this must happen in an orderly way that does not create economic chaos. Remember, the Chinese and Indians, major polluters in the world, will not adher to the standards in CAP and TAX so anything we do in the US will have a minimal impact on Global Warming anyway. In the mean time, we should use clean coal and more nuclear and natural gas to support our energy needs. CAP and TAX is not the answer. The polar bears will be just fine. Ironically, the same people that want to protect polar bears and whales, which I favor too, are ok with the abortion of 20 million innocent babies since 1971 in the United States. Go figure. Now that is another holocaust of historical proportions not the holocaust referred to recently by a US Democrat Socialist Congressman that claimed those people dying without health insurance (that can go to emergency wards) were facing a holocaust. The fact is that people with and without health insurance and animals do die and it has nothing to do with health insurance or global warming.

CAP and TAX is just another big government power grab proposed by the Democrat Socialists in Washington and has nothing to do with a common sense energy policy. If CAP and TAX becomes the law of the land, it will lead to the rationing of energy because many families will not be able to afford their energy costs. It really is that simple.

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