Friday, October 16, 2009

President Franklin Roosevelt - The Raw Deal

President Franklin Roosevelt was turned into a God by liberal historians that claimed he was the savior of the United States during the Great Depression. While it is true that Roosevelt played a critical role in defeating Nazi Germany and Japan during World War II and should be recognized for his role as a war time President, the facts now reveal that instead of providing Americans a New Deal, Roosevelt's economic policies resulted in a Raw Deal. The reason this is significant is that instead of following Ronald Reagan's play book of low taxes and smaller government to bring about economic recovery today, President Obama is going down the exact same road taken by FDR that resulted in high unemployment and low growth for years after the stock market crash in 1929.

In a new book entitled "New Deal or Raw Deal?: How FDR's Economic Legacy Has Damaged America, author Burton W. Folsom Jr. demonstrates that FDR's economic policies were a disaster for America. FDR practiced Keynesian economics (the same as Obama) and it prolonged the Depression and made the US an economic laggard compared with other nations during the painful 30's. What is interesting is that though I studied History and Political Science and have degrees in both, it was only just recently that these facts have come to light because liberals originally wrote the history books and liberals apparently don't do too well with numbers.

Here are the facts. In 1929 the US unemployment rate was the lowest in the world of the top 16 developed countries. Even in 1932, when Roosevelt took office, during the depth of the Great Depression, when unemployment in the US reached 25%, the US ranked 8th among the 16 nations. But by 1938, after almost two terms in office of Roosevelt's destructive programs, unemployment was near 20% and we ranked 13th among the 16 nations. There is no doubt that New Deal policies were bad for America.

But it gets even worse. In addition to creating a welfare society, Roosevelt morally corrupted the office of the Presidency. FDR demanded that the Justice Department prosecute his political opponents those on the "enemies list". The IRS was habitually used for the same purposes. Roosevelt used federal recovery programs to reward his Peeps; sound familiar. The New Deal became a massive patronage machine kind of like Obama's SwindleUS Plan, HealthScare and CAP and TAX schemes. And then, FDR attempted to pack the Supreme Court when the court struck down various of FDR's New Deal schemes. Gosh, FDR is starting to make Richard Nixon look good. President Obama should learn a lesson from FDR's economic failures. Roosevelt-like stimulus plans and government intervention in the economy are counterproductive. History is the best teacher.

President Obama and the Democrats that control Congress are Socialists. They do not believe in free market capitalism. If allowed to succeed with all their Socialist schemes that will bankrupt the United States, unemployment will remain high. We will see high inflation and interest rates in a few years as the dollar continues to collapse as they monetize the debt. We need Constitutional Amendments that provide for Term Limits, a Balanced Budget and Limitations on federal taxing authority as the only way to bring back fiscal sanity to government. Unless and until these Amendments are adopted, we will continue to see the economic decline of the United States. We cannot allow that to happen. We must stand up and take back our country.

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