Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Elections in New Jersey - Virginia - New York

On Tuesday, November 3, there are three elections in particular that will be critical to the national scene and the battle to take back our country. In New Jersey Republican Chris Christie has a very narrow lead over current Governor and Goldman Sachs former CEO Democrat Socialist Jon Corzine. Corzine spends his own money, that he earned on Wall Street, winning elections. No one in the Obama Administration is going after Corzine for the millions he made on Wall Street because Corzine is one of their guys. Oh well that is another Chicago corruption story.

It was reported that Corzine spent $50 million to buy his previous Senate seat. This time around Corzine has spent more than $24 million of his own money to smear Christie in non stop ads. However, Christie is squeaky clean as a former prosecutor who took on more than 130 public officials for corruption or other misdeeds in New Jersey, the most corrupt state in the union, after Illinois. Impressively Christie did not lose one case. Remember, New Jersey is where Tony Soprano lives. You know the guys with the crooked noses live in Jersey. Christie also helped lock up child pornographers and terrorists. Chris Christie is a smart, family values, Conservative Republican who plans to cut spending in New Jersey and taxes. Christie is the right person to bring prosperity and integrity back to New Jersey.

New Jersey, like most states run by Democrat Socialists, is an economic basket case. New Jersey has the highest taxes in the country and perhaps the worst roads, slums, schools etc. Official unemployment in New Jersey is near 10%; but of course it is actually much higher because those off the rolls are no longer counted. Jon Corzine is an Obama man supporting all of Obama's Socialist schemes. About the only thing Corzine can say about Christie is that he is over weight. This should give Christie the "FAT" vote, which is 50% of America. This may have been a political blunder by Corzine. Christie is a big guy; but very capable. It is critical that Christie win in New Jersey, the bluest of Democrat states to send a clear message to Democrat Socialists in Washington.

Next, Bob McDonnell, the conservative Republican running for Governor in Virginia is 9 points ahead in the polls; but we can't get complacent. It looks like Obama's coat tails will not work for Democrat Socialist Creigh Deeds, who is running against McDonnell. Deeds seems like a real hay seed. McDonnell, the former state Attorney General is sharp and very accomplished. Obama was the first Democrat Socialist to carry Virginia since Lyndon Johnson; but Virginia is a center right state. It is very likely that other offices in Virginia will also be won by Republicans rejecting Obama's Socialist schemes.

Finally, there is an interesting congressional election in upstate New York. The Republican establishment anointed a RINO (Republican in Name Only) Dede Scozzafava as their candidate to run against Democrat Bill Owens. However, conservative Tea Bag Protesters stood up and JUST SAID NO. They nominated Doug Hoffman as the Conservative Party candidate. Conservative Republicans like Sarah Palin, Tim Palenty, the Club for Growth and many others are supporting Hoffman rather than the liberal Republican Scozzafava. As of now, the race is between Owens and Hoffman. The liberal Republican will lose this race. Most important, this is not just about electing Republicans who vote like Democrats; but rather electing Conservatives who support fiscal sanity, family values, a strong defense and free market capitalism. We don't need any more Schwartzeneagers, Snows, Collins or Specters in the Republican Party who are really Democrats in Republicans clothing.

It is crunch time in New Jersey, Virginia and New York and many other states with elections on November 3. The election next week is a referendum on Obama and the Democrat Socialists that control Congress and all their Socialist Schemes. It is time for us to Stand Up and Be Counted. If you live in one of these states call your friends and neighbors and get them out to vote for Christie, McDonnell and Hoffman. The National Freedom Forum has readers in 40 states. If you live in a state holding elections on November 3, we need to elect Conservatives to take back our country. We have to do this at all levels of government, city, school board, county supervisor, state legislature, governor, Congress, Senate and finally the Presidency. Every single election matters and every single election, though local, is a national election. With Focus, Discipline and Passion we can take back our country. We can do it. We will do it.

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